Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The End of year/New year post.

It's been a good year, na?
I got made Yellow house captain.
I had at least two amazing days on the beach in May.
I went to Manali and lost myself there, in the green and the waterfalls and the clouds and the hills.
I bought at LEAST 11 amazing books in Bombay.And had a LOT of fun. And got a niece!
I went to a Raghu Rai exhibition.
I met my best friend's girl.
I screwed up a few exams.
I got sexy SAT score.
Yellow house won.
I actually started studying.
I had a Christmas Miracle.
And here I sit, typing typing.
All the while hoping and praying the next year's gonna be even better....
Because. In 2009 i will:
Give my Board exams.
Go to mumbai, and then college.
Get my braces removed.
scary. But hopefully it's going to be evrything i wish for and more.
So i'm making resoultions to :
Handle my rage. And the rest of my emotions.
Live in the moment. And be excellent at everything i do.
Stop whining.
Cheers to letting go of the past, cheers to a brilliant '09.
*bottoms up*


. said...

Good luck kid.

Bluebutterfly said...

Lol. nice resolutions. Lotsa luck with that. Happy New year to you too.

Hyperactive maniac said...

sounds like a good plan :D

phish said...

i love the optimism in your post. all the so called grown-up people are far more depressed.

good luck for everything. the braces, bombay and the board exams. maybe i will bump into you some day.

Espèra said...

Waah waah.
So what WAS the sexy score huh? And the Christmas Miracle?

Mystique said...

2 . : thanks....

2 butterfly: you too!

2 hyper: i hope it is....

2 phish: hiii!! oh yeah definitely. in fact, i'll contact you after my boards.

2 espera: 2240. and lets just say miracle.