Sunday, 21 December 2008

And so it begins

I'm doing the grind.

No, not the one you do in nightclubs, all sweaty and ecstatic with the press of bodies.....though i wouldn't mind that grind.
No, not the one with the mixer.

I'm doing the grind that you do in 12th grade. Where grind stands for nose to the grindstone and shoulders to the wheel. Where the only thing you're supposed to come in contact with is the books. Not the good ones (though I'm rereading Shantaram at night). Phy-chem-math.

Surprisingly, it feels good. It kinda drives off the nervousness. And it's great doing differentiation, where everything just falls into place.

(contented sigh)

so i'll try and keep coming back here as and when i can, but i don't guarantee i'll have much to say........


taurius1 said...

Best of luck. I hope you don't get distracted. Well... Atleast not so much you lose sight of what's really important. :)

Espèra said...

Best of luck.

I never got the hang of differentiation, but here's hoping it drives away all your problems.

Ram said...

Aren't you too young to be talking about the other grind? Or, am I just too old?

Quicksilver said...

Well, do good

Anki said...

he he grinding

i bet i ll b reading bout that in less than a year's time

Mystique said...

2 taurius: i try, i try.

2 espera: it tries, it tries.

2 ram: that of course depends on how old you are.

2 QS: i try, i try.

2 anki: hehehe....i hope so. tho as of now i can't grind for nuts. or dance much either.

Bluebutterfly said...

You got diffrentiation, so I guess your way of doing the right kind of grind.