Saturday, 3 January 2009

NID entrance exam is on 4th jan, and so it follows that i'm in mumbai.
I got here at 6 am and called Di,we tried to surprise Rushi, but he got an intuitive flash i'd be there. bugger.
Spent most of the day at wali's. With Rushi. And Sahej. And Avik. And ooh babe.
It was fun. In a completely different and rather freaky way.
I'm happy. with no regrets. :)


phish said...

best of luck. but i thought NID exams are after 12th standard. my brother just passed out and i am going as faculty next semester.

u do mean national institute of design at ahmedabad dont you?

Hyperactive maniac said...

ooo you are appearing for NID entrance?! all the best!! :)

Ashmita said...

Ah. NID exams are a bitch. Or so i've heard.
All the best with that! :)

Oh and enjoy bbay as much as you can! Loving the weather now. Plus, you have fun company. :P

Mystique said...

2 phish: nah, they're in jan. you're going to NID. as faculty? whow. whow hwow...teaching what?
yes i do mean the same NID. wowow.

2 HM: thnx!!

2 ash: no, they were REALLY good.
I enjoyed bbay, i enjoyed the weather, and the company. if i'd been there longer i woulda called u.

Ashmita said...

Meh. Is okay.
3 days in bbay is just a crime!
Plus, senesing ur enthusiasm , i think u might just end up in bbay after 12! :P

So, that drink shall now be postponed to post May 09 ?

Mystique said...

2 ash: April, hopefully.

Mystique said...
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