Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Manali Diaries, from manali.

So pissing off.
I wrote a complete post, but the server in the net cafe crashed just before i clicked post. three cafes later, i find server, but mem-card not working. shit. shit.

Anyway, here I am in Manali, thechnically in a net cafe in Vashishth village.....

I was looking forward to the Delhi part, but it turned out to be rather irritating, we didn't get to go to Connaught, and I was stuck in a bus full of 33 whiners who whined. Sigh.
Delhi had its compensations, I called up Reno, sorry I woke you up man......Lol you have a wonderful voice....
The trip to manali, damn, I almost wish it hadn't ended, khadus dumfuck teacher in front, music all the way, dance party in the centre of the bus, and wide bed-like back seat. Mmmmmmmm. swe-eet.
We stayed a day in a hotel, then off to the base camp, complete with tents and all, that's where i'm living now......

I've been crazy....I've been through freezing waterfalls shirtless, through a steaming sulfur spring shirtless and pantless, treks have been tough, way tougher than last year, but very much enjoyable. One of our instructors, Alok, is this crazy 24 yr old Man Utd fan who all of us love so much.....He wasn't allowed to come on today's trek....because there were complaints (i'm guesing, from dumfuck teacher,) that he line-maros the girls. whatever. we love him.
Lots has been done.....rappeling, FINALLY. I did it near perfect on my first try, so proud of meself.....
Trump has been played, with Sid and Matoo and Venky and Lakshay, Matoo wants an mention of him and the only gaali he knows....."gaandwaala"
I tell you. I've been practically living with these guys, I've picked up unimaginable gaalis, but I've also lost my voice.
sigh. that the way it goes.
Hmm, I think i'll stop now, I gotta find Sid, and there's this bakery I really wanna get to......
More will be done later....


Ashmita said...

AAaaah!!! You're trekking!
I am so jealous!
Oh, but mumbai was always better than delhi. I KNOW u'll have a better time here.
And also, it'll start raining in a day or two. so yay!
How long u be here( ze india) anyway? Maybe we meet?

freudian slip said...

im not too sure ill be able to hang out with you that easily and more importantly whether youd want to hang out with me, i have no idea how its happened but despite the fact that id checked my AIEEE paper thrice, i got 63 marks lesser than wht i expected, i honestly dont know what im doing or what im thinking or whatever. im officially the worlds biggest loser for leaving muscat anfd doing all this shit, i didnt have the IQ for it, and i had all this fucked up optimism. really dunno, manipal is only option. that and nirma ahmedabad
parents hate me. i hate me., join the club will you.

actually did put a razor on me, effects are good, will try harder just as soon this heals a bit.

still think im not an obscenely retarded loser???

Espèra said...

Freudian Slip:
Do NOT put a razor on you. Ever. Believe me, I'd done all that crazy stuff last year and I wasn't even half as depressed as you probably are. It bleeds. It hurts. The pain kinda feels good.
But then, you get these horrible scars. They heal alright, but they leave marks and when it's only your skin, the skin doesn't look that beautiful as it did earlier.
You might NOT have beautiful skin actually, but you still wouldn't like to see the marks on it when you're making out with a girl. =P

Mystique: Aah. I wasn't in Delhi when you were. But I am back now. Not that I expect we'd be able to meet. =P
And I want to do rappelling too. Not fair.
You sound like you're having a ton of fun. So enjoy yourself!

Mystique said...

2 ash: hahaha i'll be there till 13th july. lesee about the meet. wouldn't mind.

2 rushi: be able to is the problem. want to is not a problem. no i refuse to join the club. and are you fuckin crazy???
I will call. and you will pick up.

2 espera: I am having fun. et si, I did that too...but no blood. stupid scratches. ugh ugh.

taurius1 said...

If you're not using offline blog composers, here's a tip to minimise your loss when things like server crashes happen.

1) go to your blogsettings, and set a mail to blog address. Any mails you send here get directly published to your blog.

2) compose blog posts in gmail. The autosave feature's a life saver and kicks in every few minutes/ sentences.

Oh, and keep your mail to blog address something difficult to guess, or else anyone who figures it out can use it to make posts to your blog.


Hearing about trip's really makin me want to go back to the mountains... Snow's brilliant, innit? :)