Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maldives: Day Two.

(Written at breakfast)

I want to photograph all these lovely women. One who looks and walks like a supermodel, who just took her dress off outside the restaurant and sauntered off in a bustier blue bikini. She's stick-thin, and she's with a man who, honestly, resembles a potato.
Then the impossibly tall, athletic, blonde girl who just walked in. I'm sure she swims. She's one of the few non-couples here.
Too many pretty people here. Most are golden-haired. I think we're the only Indians. This particular island is no gujju family vacation spot, looks like.

Today we take a Male tour.


(Written in evening)

Male is a small city, all narrow lanes and two-wheelers. I got myself a shark-tooth.

Dear R,
Today, I went diving. Scuba diving, with an instructor. And. It was everything you said. Visibility wasn't perfect, but still. I had to watch a video, learn how to clean the mask, equalise and regulate and then, holding an instructor very firmly by the hand, breathing deep, focusing on not panicking...down. No sound except the zombie-like (ir Darth Vader-esque) exhalation. Surrounded by the blue of a badly-made block of glass. Glide over coral. A very trippy giant clam that shut as we approached. Anemones and anemone fish. Parrotfish and angelfish. A slight dizziness. And now I am blissed out. I can hardly swim, and I went scuba diving. WOW. 

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The Keeper of the Keys said...

I once said "Male" (M-aah-lay) was the capital of Maldives and its spelled as M-A-L-E, and everybody laughed. The problem is that googling Male gives funny results.

You seemed to have had a lovely holiday. :)