Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maldives: Day One.

These posts have been long overdue, from the journal and photos of my week-long Maldives trip last month. I decided to make them letters instead of a random ramble. So.

Dear J,
You'd absolutely LOVE it here. Blinding white sand, superlatively blue water, a beautiful hue even when it's cloudy. It's a teeny island. Mum was rather unnerved bu the fact that one of the walls of our shower stall in the bathroom was glass. One-way glass, but you can see the sun-deck and the ocean.

The people who are staying on this island, I have divided into three categories: Honeymooning couples, water-sport couples, retired couples. So basically, couples. I've seen only one child. I've been people-watching and swimsuit watching. 

Dear N,
It's so beautiful, I wouldn't mind dying here. I really wouldn't. I'm going to put the camera to good use. 

Dear A,
Here is silence. Here. 
You should come here sometime. Alone. Also, the breakfast buffet had waffles. 

It is going to be a week's worth of silence here. I hope it does not shatter completely when I get back to grey Bombay. 


Espèra said...

There was this place once, which had two doors to the bathroom, the first led to it from inside the cottage, the second opened out. And the second door was a tiny wooden thing with gaps around the door :P

JD said...

These are so droll.