Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maldives: Day Three

I was going to sunbathe after breakfast, but it rained. I went out, sat on a deck-chair, and glared at the sky as a raincloud smugly floated over the island, settled there, and began to piss it down. It's all windy now, and I'm sitting in the bar/coffee shop, wanting a drink (but it's barely 10am).
At least I am alone here.
I hope it's still summer in Bombay when I get back. I need me some blaze.
Ah, Bombay. The place, polar opposite of this blue-ness, has become a faint memory. But the people have not.


I am cloud-bathing and lady-gazing. Dammit. More drizzles. Walking on the shore, I saw two confused baby sharks and a stingray. Yes, a stingray! This is before I even got into the water. 

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Chikki said...

baby sharks?
where were the parents/?