Sunday, 9 May 2010

Travelogues, vignettes, I love airports.

Right now, I'm sitting in Kay's hostel room, listening to thunder, shuddering, watching her pack, so that she doesn't have to do it later in the week. Our plans to go rollerblading on the beach have been foiled, at least put off by a couple of hours by the thunder and the rain. Hmf, this is like being in my room in Bombay, disgruntled with the downpour.

Snippets from the past three days...I wrote mostly at the airport. I like airports, you see?

Written 7th may, 7.00am local time, Abu Dhabi Intl airport.

Airports are wonderful, I've always loved them, if for nothing else then the sheer people-watching potential. Look at people, burly sporty types with backpacks and tattoos, a mother with her young son who insists on eating pizza at 7am, bored-looking woman at the table next to me, interesting couple with backpacks playing UNO. Accents and languages blend in a murmur with the sound of cash registers and clinking coins, people come in, walk through, walk out. What I really want to do is pull out my camera and capture.

Written 9.15 am, Abu dhabi intl Airport.

After a 40min phone call to Chikki, and about ten minutes at a free wifi terminal (I think these are very cool) I'm sitting at gate 33, with an 8-hour flight ahead.
My vacation is nearly over! I'll have only 2 weeks once I get back, there better be a lot of fun nights!

Written 10.15pm local time, Changi Intl Airport Singapore

Flight landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule, so no Kay yet. She left after I called her. I'm people watching, looking at many pretty girls in TINY shorts and long tops. I think i'm going to like it here.

I could swear a man just JOGGED past me, in running shorts and a vest :|


That was when Kay arrived, looking very Singaporean indeed, with a denim skirt, black top, pin-straight hair and a huge smile. I'm happily shocked at how well she blends in. We cabbed it to the hotel, where Bhaiyya was waiting. Happy times with good food and stuff. We got BACK to the hotel at...what, 3?

Ah yes I DO like it here.

Yesterday, I shopped. Girls, read on. Guys, go away if you wish.
I didn't buy much, but I did squee a lot in the 4-storeied Forever 21 (I shall never stop calling it that) where I bought a skirt and some tank tops. I don't have the courage for the uber-sex lace skirt yet, I'll buy stockings first. Orchard Road, you see huge signs for Prada, Louis Vuitton, all the usual suspects. I grinned at the thought that  was just the WRONG person to be here, Ankiet, SNam and Chinmoi would KILL to be here, and have the cash for it (ofcourse I don't have the cash for hardcore designerwear, but I don't want it either). I did go to Charles & Keith, and got a beautiful bag, and shoes. For the interested, black peep-toes with crossover straps. Ankiet, are you listening? Be proud.

Quote of the YEAR: Arvind - Is that Britney Spears being sung by a man?
                                  Kay - That's Savage Garden :|

The rain has stopped, so I'm off to the beach. Later, peeps.


Espèra said...

Haha! Love that quote very much.
When we were watching the video of it on tv, my brother asked me why a man was mouthing to a woman's voice. :P

Put up photos!

VIDYA said...

"That's Savage Garden."

SNam said...

quote of the DECADE.
your pretty airport writing makes me squee. murmured accents blending in with clinking coins :D
orchard road also makes me squee, but in a distinctly more envious way. why yes pai, i WOULD kill to be there. i would also serial kill for the cash being there in a non- window shoppy manner would require.

as somebody who has seen all the merchandise, i am proud. buy that skirt, you've got the legs for all that lace. and maybe buy a corset too, hehehehehe. (i think it's a bad thing that this whole sentence reads like innuendo, but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

miss you like a truly horrible basketball player.

Sneha said...

'black peep-toes with crossover straps. '

I've always hated airports. It felt like you were describing an alien place. Guess thats the beauty of perspective huh?

Shayon said...

I too have this habit of writing when i am at the airports, or in a flight. Somehow, the creative juices in me tend to go on a overdrive during these times.

Weirdly enough, I love to travel alone. I mean, I like strolling around, all by myself, looking at people, noticing their body language, checking out pretty sir hostessed, and trying to formulate strategies to 'pick' them up, before they left my range of vision :-p

Jack said...


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Take care