Friday, 14 May 2010

Bad Luck, Good Luck.

What to do when going to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore: Take some money, a bottle of water, and a really good camera, with a zoom lens if possible, with charged batteries. Wear REALLY comfortable shoes.

What NOT to do when going to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore: Forget the memory card of the camera.

Yeah. That happened. We reached Jurong yesterday, I turned on the camera and it said No Card. AND I'd forgotten my ixus. We survived the rest of the day with a Kodak disposable film camera, and my cell phone cam. And every pretty bird we saw, we mourned our stupidity.

AND, about fifteen minutes in, it started PISSING rain, and we had to wait it out for an HOUR. 

But after it stopped, the park was beautiful, and so were the birds.

Today, however, more than made up for yesterday's malheureusement. Singapore Zoo is beyond beautiful, so much that it doesn't feel like a zoo at all. It's a lot of walking, but we got some excellent photos out of it, and even though it rained for a while, it was so pleasant, walking in what was basically a misty rainforest. It did turn humid-as-hell, though. But Kay got some beautiful shots of a white tiger swimming, and some frolicking ducks, and I snapped a Capuchin monkey as he and Kay made faces at each other. (Photos to come soon)

On my last night in Singapore (The flight doesn't count) I finally had one of those specialities: the Singapore Sling. Quite good, mixed too darn strong though. As for the other two specialities....I'll try and have chicken rice for lunch  tomorrow, and I can't have chili crab because I don't eat seafood.

Remember when two months weren't over yet? Now they nearly goddamned are. Only two weeks left and my lovely vacation will be over. I've had SUCH a good one this time, I'm almost dreading going back to college. Those two weeks better be the longest, funnest, craziest two weeks of the vacation. I know classmate reunions will happen, and hopefully some good times with the rest of the crowd too.

I just...want those two weeks to last forever. Go on another vacation. Why not?


Tensor said...

Post photos soon. Photos that you took. Camera doesnt matter.

Wish you all the fun for these two weeks.

Esha Rihal said...

Why won't you eat sea food?
I want to go to Singapore too =[

Jack said...


All good things come to an end. So will the holidays too. Enjoy and keep fond memories. Looking forward to see photographs. Why no sea food? Alergy, is it?

Take care