Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vacation from a vacation

An update: a local paper churned out a story on Facebook ethics and cybersnooping, talking about incidences that happened last week. What was supposed to be damped down became...a sizeable deal. Read the article here.

Bags are half packed, rather neatly if I may say so myself. Just have to dump in my shoes and straightener, and find the keys to that bag. So that I can lock it.
Camera batteries are charging. high. Money has been exchanged. Lists have been made.

Singapore, here I come.


Tensor said...

Have fun.

Espèra said...

I want photos! :D

Esha Rihal said...

I want a vacation too! Have fun, you. Give us lots of pictures and lots of little snippets of your experience there.

Shayon said...

Lucky girl :-) Well... have fun out there. And get pics for us!! ;-)

The Dude said...

all the best on your trip. cheers..