Friday, 21 May 2010

There's no real reason that photo's in here, it's one of the murals at Lasalle college of the arts, Singapore.

Yes, I'm back in Muscat.
Yes, I'm fine.
Yes, I do indeed have only two more weeks left to the end of my glorious vacation.
Back to Bombay and the rain and the early-morning wake up alarms.

Maybe there's a reason that particular photo's there, I guess. It drips with...lightbulbs. Signifying ideas. And I want to create. I haven't written anything decent in forever, drawing, well. And I might have taken some good photos, but that's more...capturing than creating, isn't it?


Kappa said...

they do resemble mushrooms too

and the filament coil in the bulb is like an inverted question mark
but for a person floating in the sky, the question mark would not be inverted

as if the person on it is wondering to him/her self (while joyfully floating in the sky)

"am i just bursting with ideas or am i just elegantly wasted or both?"

but thats probably just my idiocy talking

what it really reminds me of is lovely melting ice cream for some reason

Sam said...

Nice blog ya! :)

scarlet pimpernel said...

reminds me of scuba diving