Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Inkers

Today, I learned that tattoo artists are always fun to talk to. My friend wants to get a tattoo for her birthday, so I trailed around Bandra with her, doing the rounds of Shoryuken and Al's, to check prices.
Today I also reaffirmed that tattoos are bad on the budget.

Sitting in Shoryuken, I comtemplated. I'm too scared of pain to get a tattoo, of course, and bony so it'd hurt like hell. But if I'd be a black cat.
I was sketching it, something similar to the pic below, only a little rounder.

Later, the dude showed me an even better design, curved dagger-like lines forming the outline of a buxom, rounded cat. It was perfect. Was it already done, I asked. Possibly.
Dammit. I want something unique.
Of course, that is assuming I work up the guts (and the money) to get inked. Maybe, like my friend, I could save up and do it as an 18th bday gift to myself....


Anonymous said...

ooh! I love cats so i'm really tempted to steal this idea

more seriously, you should TOTALLY go ahead :D

Mystique said...

maybe next year. as I said....I don't have the highest pain threshold.

Jack said...


It is individual's choice. But somehow I could never relate to tatoos. May be age factor but in olden days too people had got tatoos of their names or names of Gods tatooed. I think it is violating your natural self like very heavy make up. If you can stand the pain and really like to get it done take your own decision without any outside influence.

Take care

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Aren't you 18 yet??

and im way way waaay too scared to even think of getting a tatoo...