Friday, 28 August 2009


Those who know me will know that I'm not the biggest fan of organised religion, or even religion as a whole. I'm not atheist, but God, to me, is kinda formless. I don't even give it a name....
I've almost always shied away from poojas. When I've gone, I've always been in another room, playing with the other kids around. I haven't attended a pooja or a satsang in more than two years.
So I wasn't too pleased when my aunt, who I currently live with in Bombay, decided to drag me to a neighbour's place for a Ganpati pooja thingy. I sat awkwardly for a good half hour, right in the front, as others around me chanted, some mantras known, some alien.
Even the 7 year old kid next to me knew exactly what to do.
All I did was admire the decoreations and the pure white orchids used. Yeah, I checked, they were real.
And in the middle of all the noise and the chaos, my mind throwing up random bull, I looked into the compassionate eyes of the idol...and I had a conversation with Lord Ganesha.

Naah, it was probably the deluded mental diarhhea.

'Enjoying this, are you?', I asked the object of worship.
'YES!', he replied.
'But seriously dude,' I say, 'Why do people go through so much trouble for you anyway when you'd be just as happy even if they didn't?'

'Because,' and I could almost see a grin very familiar to me from somewhere else, 'I'm AWESOME.'


Sakshi said...

Its ok to have conversation with God... ;) and trust me- most of the time most of the people won't know the why and the how of Puja. so relax..!! :)

Misanthropist said...

Superb! Simply superb!

Roy said...

awesome!!! btw are you sure it was ganesha and not barney a la HIMYM?

Jack said...


Religion or faith in God is individual choice and it is in heart of that person. It is not at all necessary to make a show of it. If you believe in God truly you can communicate with God at any time and any place. One may do eloberate POOJAS but then go around cheating or harming innocents has no moral right to claim to be a religious person.

Take care

Mystique said...

2 sakshi: lol

2 misanthrope: i think you got the essence of this.

2 roy: lol

2 jack: true.