Sunday, 24 May 2009

Abysmal Poetry

You're the rum in my coke
The puff in my smoke

The vada on my pav
You're my hugs and my love

The rocks on my beach,
Th credit in my phone

Ragda to my pattice
The flesh to my bone

You're the pillow on my bed
You're the voice in my head.

You're the blood in my heart,
You're the apple in my tart.

You're the red on my nails
You're the To: in my mails.

You're my little love-smile
You're the sparkle in my eyes.
You're among the best hugs ever
And I'm the reason for those lies.

You're the coffee in my cream
You're those eyes in my dream.

You're the only reason
I'm writing this bad mush,
So shut up and read
and don't make a fuss.

I've tortured you enough
With my over-cliched lines,
So I'll end with more cliche.
I'm yours, you're mine.


Jack said...


Lucky is the person for whom you have penned it. Nice one with cute references.

Take care

taurius1 said...

It's nice. And rather painful, in way.

Chikki said...


Anonymous said...

Vewwy cute. :)

I hope there is a 'he' grinning as he reads this. :)

iz said...

I think you may well be the next Elizabeth Barret Browning. Loved it.

iz said...
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ARJuna said...

Nice, funny, witty and very much 'metro ishtyle'. You have a knack for poetry.

Express said...

Aw! SUCH a cute end!

Long time Mystique, really long time! Hope u r doing good :-)

Misanthropist said...

I just love the references..
Love teaches you to find joys in simple things isn't it?
Keep writing :)

Sakshi said...

CUTE!! How was your result??

Mystique said...

2 jack: thanks. And I think I'm the lucky one here.

2 taurius: painful, why? that bad, na?

2 chikki: huh

2 ki: there may be.....

2 iz: hahahah

2 ARJuna: do I??

2 express: thanks!!

2 misanthropist: it does indeed.

2 sakshi: thanks!! 87.8.

Sakshi said...

CONGRATS..on your result.

taurius1 said...

Painful coz of the emtions it stirs up inside me. It's not a bad piece by far. ^_^

void said...

Oi... I would've drowned in the syrup were it not for these two lines:

You're the red on my nails,
You're the To: in my mails.

Very redeeming lines. :)

Anonymous said...

I lau eet.
And that is one lucky person you've written it for.

Mystique said...

2 sakshi: thanks.

2 taurius: i called it abysmal for a reason

2 void: lol

2 cranial: i do think I'm the lucky one here.