Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Pune is a city full of surprises. Long walls, buildings, greay, brown, dull, cracked, and then suddenly a flash of blue. Maybe door, maybe window. Bright sky-blue, peeking put through shades of grey. 

Like.... a fucshia-pink bra strap peeking out from a nun's habit. That's old Pune. A nun with rainbow lingerie. 

College students roam the streets, walking, biking, laughing. I could almost be one of them. Lost. Shorts. Jhola. Camera.
I roam the streets, looking for beauty. Looking...for the unexpected. 


Anonymous said...

Aah Pune! Brilliantly subtle yet surprising :)

nocturnal_insomaniac said...

I will be one of them, in July.

and, err, yes I am a, uhm, long-time-follwer. :)

Jack said...


Oh! you have taken me back to 1962-65 and 1979-82. I would love to settle down there. Beautiful city with so many place to visit around.

Take care

Misanthropist said...

Beautifully described!
Girl your imagination rocks..keep blogging!

jane doe said...

aaah dear old pune, how I miss her.. i'll always rue the fact I didn't go to college there..

Mystique said...

2 ki: yup, exactly what i'd meant.

2 nocturnal insomniac: :D and, um, hi, um. lol

2 jack: haha, true.

2 misanthrope: thanks much :)

2 jane doe: i won't either, actually.

Daone said...

lucky u to hav a nice experience. i went there mainly to experience the 'marathi feel' in the air. had a disastrous time. ppl can't even talk proper marathi.