Thursday, 21 May 2009

A buch of Bombay updates

I'm learning....
To shorten the strap on my jhola so that it hangs at my waist and not my butt.
Which side to get off the train at Andheri and which side at Dadar.
To cross roads like a mad mosquito.
To wake up late.
That listening to music on the road will one day kill me.
To always, always keep change on me. Always.

It drizzled yesterday. You can't even call it rain. First drizzle. Hit me in the face as I hung out of the train on my way home. That's my nightly pick-me-up...I hang out of the train, as far as I can go, and I sing to myself. The tunes meandering around my head find their way out.

I've found waves and rocks. In Bombay. Bandra bandstand, sitting on the rocks with a friend, gazing over the panorama and the sun shining onto the waves. Crash. Couple haven, how many? Kids. Cat. Crowd. Nowhere close to my bliss-point wall at Shatti. But for Bombay, it's great. And it's close to home. I will be back there. Soon.

I've finally got books. I purr in contentment.

My results are out tomorrow morning. I am trying very hard not to think about this. See, ideally, I wanted to be sloshed the night before the results...but it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen. Tomorrow, Facebook statuses (statii?) all over are going to be either triumphant or defeated, shouting out numbers to the multiverse. My boards passed in a numbness, the moth after that was the most alive I've been. I'm Very Happy now, and I badly want to stay that way.


Anonymous said...

All the best :)

And you've been awarded:


Jack said...


Best of luck. I am sure you will come out with flying colours. Be very careful when you hang out of train. Keep enjoying.

Posted one today.

Take care

ARJuna said...

Nice to know that you are coping with Bombay and doing extremely well at it too!!!
I can understand you, when you mention about your grandmom and aunt being worried about you and when your mom is surprised that you travelled alone on your first day here. I remembered my first few weeks in mumbai, my grandmom was so proud when I travelled to my coaching classes by BEST alone!
Keep that optimism alive, besides the 'chutta' (change) thats the only other essential that you need to survive in the maximum city.

Sakshi said...

All the Best... I am sure you will do really well...

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

omg! you hang out o the train???? uh uh ummm well ok! :P
and you sing? loudly? people must think youre mad! :P however im trying to become like that.. :P
so how are youre results? (:P couldnt help asking.. )

Espèra said...

Yay. Congrats.
All that matters is that you be happy.

Mystique said...

2 ki: thanks, and thanks!!

2 jack: hahaha thanks.

2 ARJuna: yeah, with my jhola my spirit and my chutta i roam.

2 sakshi: i did, kinda

2 harini: naah, i sing softly to myself. and i got 87.8%

2 espera: true. and i'm VERY happy.

Anki said...

my word verification says hyper!!!

ha ha ha

ok ok i love the way u write bout mumbai n pune

the two city i hate