Monday, 23 March 2009


It's been two days.
On the 21st, we went bowling and then to McDonalds. And Baskin Robbins.
Yesterday, Jan, Vagi and I went to the beach. And Starbucks. And then back across the beach.....walked a little bit, got some sexy shawarmas (Vagi was craving) and then made it back to Shatti Plaza in time for the 7.30 show of Slumdog Millionaire.
I don't care what Amitabh Bachchan or the critics was a great movie.
Today morning? Party. Lucky's b'day treat. Pizza Hut and Starbucks. YAY! And in the evening I went over to Anyu's to have the much postponed catching up. Went to the vid store, guess who i see? Vagi! So I ended up at HER place (Anyu had to go home) and got picked up from there.
It's been two days.
I'm here for a month.
If every day is going to be this busy...I'm going to be in sheer bliss.


Jack said...


Enjoy yourself as long and as much as you can till you go to college.

Take care

Espèra said...

YOU cannot love your life the way I am loving it. Or today.

Mystique said...

2 jack: i plan to!

2 esp: true.

plzdonttrythisathome said...

how's anyu...? I have to meet up...damn.