Sunday, 22 March 2009

Full Circle

With this, my blog has travelled a full circle from where I started. I a fit of sheer boredom the day after my 10th board exams. I'd wanted to get out of the house, my friends had wanted to sleep. I needed somewhere to vent. So I started this place. Didn't know what I was getting into.
Ever since then, this blog has been like....a platform, an escape. I've vented here about countless exams, friends, love, and stuff that irritates. I've tried to actually write, to be funny. I've put up photos and a bit of artwork. I've made friends. Quite good ones. And, as you'll see if you've been jobless enough to read this right from the beginning, I've kind of grown as a writer...and a person. I'm pretty sure I feel less like a stupid kid than I did back then.
My life has practically turned around ever since I started writing here. Back in 11th, I was depressed because my friends had moved away...back in 11E we nudged into a mishmash gang of sorts, but we weren't really that close until 12th. We were the proverbial backbenchers who loved physics, struggled through chem, sailed through math and slept through English. (our teacher was soporific. Most classes sleep in class when they're bored, when we were bored in English we did the assignments.) Sneh, Sriya, S, Anki, RoshKesh, Snoopy, TT and me. We were the original "8 of us, you know, our gang" at the beginning of the year. Since then, this has expanded to include the Kashmiri, Jo, Jan and Vagi. Friends indeed.
The last year of school. I was captain. And I can truly say it was a year I'll never forget. Stressful, yes, very. But I still enjoyed every moment and I don't think I'll ever regret anything I've done these past two years.
Till now, yes, it's been predicted. I stayed here and did science and gave my 12th boards. From here, who knows? The circle has been drawn, now my life will go off on a tangent.... I think my destiny will lead me to Bombay.....I just have a very good feeling about that place, and I know that living there will change me forever and actually give me that sense of responsibility and independence, and help me be who i really want to be.
Till then...I have a lot of stuff swirling in my head, it's all gonna pour out here.
So cheers to me! Long life ahead and all that.... Love you all.


Sneha said...

i think everyone starts blogging with their 10th boards... i'm doing the same here :P blogger should thank the school administration, honest.

Biju Mathews said...

It's a nice and sensible action which you took. Anyway for me blogging is the best think that happened to me, though I still secretly wish for comments!! LIFE IS ALL ABOUT RECOGNITION IN LIFE

Keep blogging!

Sakshi said...

I started blogging to impress my boyfriend.. :). Mumbai, young lady, is a place, which is overcrowded, but gives you a chance to make an Identity of your own. And yes you are right, Mumbai will tell you who you are, and will make sure that you become a tough, independent and a sensible girl.
All the best.
Btw- got directed here from Ms. Footloose.

Jack said...


Nice to know about your enjoyable journey in this space. Wish you all the best for future. Hope you get what you wish for.

Take care

The Dude said...

heh, things have a tendancy to come full cirle in some small way or other, its just a matter of realising it..

and also, I guess all I can say is that if there's one thing to know, its that you should never have any regrets ever in your life - its too short for that kind of thing and all the things you see good and bad alike and their outcome have a hand in shaping you.

and you seem alright to me (but then again im across a electronic divide so what do i know!) so enjoy life and be happy kiddo. and keep writing, it keeps the mind and soul alive.


Mystique said...

2 sneha: hahahhaah, blogger, wordpress, xanga....they all should.

2 biju: (i secretly wish for comments too) but yeah..

2 sakshi: wow. there y'go. I knwo i HAVE to be in Mumbai....

2 jack: I will.

2 the DUDE: whaddya mean "you seem alright" ??

Janani said...


The Dude said...

I was talking in the context that you seemed to be at a cross roads of sorts after going through a lot of things this past year or so, like:
"My life has practically turned around ever since I started writing here."

My reason for saying that was to say that whatever I can tell about you from your blog, you seem to have gotten through till the end of school pretty well and as a person seem to be doing alright.
You're thinking and exploring instead of just doing what you're told (like many good indian kiddies) and asking questions both of yourself and of the the world around you.
That makes you 'alright'. Cool? :)

Mystique said...

@ dude: very cool :D