Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mysty gets protective.

Call me hypocrite, but I will always be jolted in the heart if I hear the word 'Fuck' or any of its derivatives spill out of the mouths of those I consider as my baby sisters.


Espèra said...

And who all *are* your baby sisters?

Akshaya said...

hey wat u talking abt ....u got a prob wid fuck ...really???

The Dude said...

I used to feel the same way, I wouldnt call you a hypocrite for it.. just that depending on the person(s) involved, these things often change and become less important over time.
For now, unless you are a pain who scolds them when they say it instead of just asking them to refrain from using that lingo - specially round you - there's nothing wrong with what you're saying.

Janani said...

as long as i dont fall in that category........i dont care.....oh wat the heck i do......who are ur baby sisters???????

Jack said...


True. It is not hypocrisy but sense of protectiveness towards those whom you feel as your protege. It is the same when you hear something not expected from the mouth of your idols.

Take care

jai said...

awwwwwww we've all felt that way at some point..and no, you're not a're human..

Anonymous said...

Likewise. :)

Mystique said...

2 Espera: my cousine, and a girl i prefer to call Boo.

2 Akshaya: Nope. you know me. but we've talked about this.

2 Dude: yup. actually it just hit me the first time.

2 Jan: we've talked.

2 Jack: not idols. Girls i consider as BABY sisters, see? pristine and innocent and all that.

2 jai: THANK you.

2 ki: heh.