Saturday, 28 March 2009

Facebook is now the new limit of joblessness

It's so jobless (and bored) that it's crossed over to ridiculous.
On my facebook homepage, I see that friends of mine have taken the following quizzes:

What kind of currency are you?
Your ideal job.
"What do ur Hands tell about YOU???"
"The impossible quiz"
Dream Job
"Which Disney Channel Star are YOU?" (no I'm serious. Does it get worse? Apparently it does.)
"What city (in India) would suit you best?"
How Many Kids Will You Have?

Yup. They do get worse, by the way.
Then there was that wave of pictures where everyone tagged everyone......You know? those pictures : "every class has them" and all that. Pure inane balderash.

Facebook status updates are a different story. Those are actually quite fun to read. Some of them are well put, some of them are cryptic, some are pretentious. Some are song lyrics, Some are plain irritating.
They should do an exhibit with FB updates....
case in point.
Page one on my friends list goes thus: (I'm using everyone's initials here)

SKDS just had soooo much fun!!! Thanx alot Kristian, Seoula, Vernon, Shaggy, Til n of course PETTO(Terence:)!!!
SM : (8) Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tera rahoonga, o meri Shalu (8). Pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai ;). :P.
PP "A LE MENTHE." (wtf does that even mean?)
MB dying to go solo.
DF feels lyk rippin sumthin apart....dunno y??
KUP is completely in ♥ with her new haircut...n im not gonna upload my pics until everyone's seen me on monday...i'll admit,i want the attention....=).
AO ......its jst silence silences..(This is from some poem - its silence silences. I can't remember which one, and that's been driving me nuts)
ID has a Maths exam on Monday. In two words, he's dead. In three words, he's SO dead. In four words, he's so fucking dead. In one sentence, he should shut the fuck up and get back to studying.
AR is takin alota these quizes on fb outta boredom! (so bored??)

Etcetera. You see? I don't think I really have a point to make, I just find it funny. Large cross-section of people and all that. Could be a social experiment, of sorts, sifting through status updates. They may even help solve crimes, that's if anyone's stupid enough to go : (insert name here) dropped bombs at CST today haHA.
Facebook is cool, oui... all I'm saying currently seems to be smacking of desperation.
weird, innit?


Pulzkit said...
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Pulzkit said...

Social networking itself is a sum of wela-ness, and a slight lack of self confidence.
Very few can go to a girl they have never met and ask her out, but everybody can click on a profile icon and leave a scrap.

See what i mean?

Edit: Nice pic. :D

Espèra said...

They said I'll get good grades this year, and that I'm Zeus, and that my true age is 7 years old.
I know someone who's true age is -1 years old.

That line is from 'The Photograph'. Class XI coursebook. Hehe. Google, dahling!

plzdonttrythisathome said...

The Funny thing we still like it. In spite of those crappy quizzes. Innocent and crap. Orkut is one such disaster.

Antigone said...

Ever since "they" changed the Home page, things haven't been the same. I was pretty happy with the new 2009 fb, but whyyyy whyyyy this new March fb which makes no sense?
I have over 300 friends (I know all of them yes, hahaha) and yes, I get a million updates from each person who is trying out on an average 7 absolutely stupid quizzes with an entire published summary of who they are and what they might do.
But status updates are fun. It's sad I have to read between useless app. paragraphs to spot the statuses. :(
and Al Menthe, I think, is alcohol.
Green, refreshing and goes well with hazelnuts(I think so.)

Mystique said...

2 pulzkit: yeha, but asking out someone on a social network site is just sad. At least call the girl na?

2 espera: which line? wait.

2 venky: Orkut i don't use anymore.

2 Antigone: true. vair true. And haha

Pulzkit said...

you wont believe how many people have implicitly trust social networking sites.

one of my uncles (i have many) runs a cyber cafe. i took care of it for a day. at any point during the 12 hours, 80% of the people were surfing orkut. and 70% looked... err...un-outgoing.

Keith Mascarenhas said...

Completely agree!
Just the other day a friend of mine takes a quiz; "[url=]Which swear word are you?[/url]" "Congratulations! You are 'shit'!"

I've already hidden updates from around 4 people on facebook and being begged to add more to the list.

It's sad...