Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pub problems? drink em away!

Need I even be enraged about the whole mangalore pub thing? will it make a difference?
It definitely did not make my day, seeing Pramod Muthalik's constipated face staring at me from yesterdays BT, neither did reading the article improve my mood.
Sigh. Politicians, hear me. you are no one to dictate what we eat, what we drink, what we do in rickshaws, who we hold hands with, who we hug, where we go, and what we do in our bedrooms.
Trying to be all 'traditional' and all isn't gonna help your party-image.
If all this pisses you off..........go get a drink, man, who knows, you might like it....


h3lios said...

Close to the polls, being "traditional" helps considering that the number of pubbers that vote is inversely proportional to the number of people in this country that worship Bollywood and Cricket, hence a safe risk.

Anonymous said...

I'd add you on Facebook except I don't know your name! :P
Add ME - Kirti Aparajita Kumar. :)

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Bunch of idiots those!

Jack said...


Visiting you after a gap. Read all available posts. Was touched by the fiction about girl who left Chemistry paper. Your posts show your anger at things which you feel are wrong. Pub post. I fully support you on this. If you find time visit nehatambe in this space and read her post about it & my comment.

Time to gear up and concentrate on preparations for Boards. However do keep little time everyday for de-stressing. Best of luck.

I have started writing here also under niceguy251 id but most of my posts are at Do visit if you can.

Take care

taurius1 said...

Oh they drink... they all drink. <_<

The Dude said...

chances are they drink their asses of left, right and centre (multiple meanings intended!) but there's nothing that gets followers and provides power to selfish, narrowminded and corrupt leaders like religion, dogma, fanaticism and bigotry.
its the one big lesson in history we keep missing. sucks, i know.

-=A.R.N.=- said...

The biggest problem is that we are all a bunch of hypocrites.

Say something; believe in something else; and then want a third.

People in the western world kiss and make out in public; but then they'd also strip naked in front of everyone in a sauna or bring home to the parents, a girlfriend who "I've slept with only twice".
And this is alright because this is part of their culture.
Their choice; their life.

We on the other hand, claim to have a 'superior' culture and boast abt it and smirk at our western counterparts for not having a moral living.

We seek 'cultured' (which translates to virgin) potential spouses; look for mannerisms in the family and choose auspicious dates for all deeds great and small.

Yet, we are outraged when one among us opts for a difference and this isn't liked.

You can't have the best of both worlds!

Mystique said...

2 h3lios: huh?? i did NOT get that at all.

2 ki: i'll add.

2 elegance: you betcha!!

2 jack: heyy....thanks! i'll visit soon, and yeah, prep's fine...

2 taurius: See?see?

2 dude: it's uglyass shit.

2 ARN: yeah well, today i ran into an HOD in school who gave me flak for wearing the wrong sweater. sounded almost like muthalik.