Sunday, 8 February 2009

Not the best beauty aid.........

Ok, I don't know if i've blogged about this before.....i probably have....but this one REALLY takes the cake.
In this time of daily study-related stress, I need a good laugh everyday. So I read the Mumbai Mirror.
More specifically, I read the 'ask the sexpert' column in the Mirror. Every single day.
You get the usual genuine questions about contraceptives and anal and all, but Friday's paper took the cake.

Q: I am 21 years old. I have heard that semen is good for a one's complexion. Should I use it daily, will there be any side effects?
A: Will you open a semen bank, since you will not have unlimited supply? If it was true, I am sure the beauty experts would have introduced it under an exotic name.

For the record, todays chem paper was quite ok. I don't have to give anymore of third prelims. So now it's study all the way.
Now reading: just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, for the second time.
Now wanting to watch: Dev D. desperately.
Now listening: Emotional atyachar, rock version obv.


Biju Mathews said...

Ha Ha. That was good!

Keep Blogging!

Ankur Banerjee said...

(Something wrong with you template. If you go the post page, it doesn't show the link to post comments. Main page and post pages filtered using archive date / labels do show the link. There's something wrong in the place where the conditional statements for showing the link is present in your template.)

Damn. I forgot why I came to comment here.

Ankur Banerjee said...

Oh, I came to mention this South Park clip. That's what the column incident reminded me of.

taurius1 said...

Pick up Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage. I have a feeling you might like it.

Janani said...

yeah...i wanted 2 ask u the answer to the question when you texted me y'day...completely slipped my mind this morning..loved the answer to that though.cya

Jack said...


LOL. I agree that humour is nice way to destress. There are many funny stories in these Agony columns.

Keep calm and you will positively score good position. Best of luck.

Take care

Espèra said...

The extent to which people fall in order to look better.

Antigone said...

"I am 21 years old. I have heard that semen is good for a one's complexion. Should I use it daily, will there be any side effects?"

rotf... hilarious... And yeah, Dev.D?
It's fantastico.

Mystique said...

@ biju: thnks!

2 ankur: what?? oh yeah, permalink does that. dunno why. i suck at html so i can't mess with it.

2 taurius: after boards.

2 janani: there y go.

2 jack: thanks....

2 espera: haha, temme about it.

2 antigone: i commented. on your blog.

Ankur Banerjee said...

@Mystique: Send me the template file (check the 'expand widgets' box first). Just copy-paste it from the Templates section. Email address is mail ( at (ankurb (dot (info) ) ) ).

[Ha! Take that, you regex-matching spambots!]