Tuesday, 6 January 2009

and BACK to the grind.

I'm back.
The NID exam was by far the most fun and interesting exam i've written in my life.
And my three days in mumbai just made me want to live in the place, to study in Xaviers, made me want that life a little more.

And i'll get it.


fulcrum said...

i like the confidence. u'll make it to nid alright :)

Puneet said...

Great! Best of luck for the future.
Happy New Year by the way!!!

Espèra said...

Yeahh, I went through an NID sample test paper because my cousin was preparing for it and it's pretty fun. I like the thinking weirdly bit.

InExile said...

you seem like such a sweet girl ! wonder how much NID will transform you !

Anki said...

hehe i flunked that exam years ago

but that sticking stickers thingy was fun
eventhogh it was impossible to do that in delhi's freezing cold

NID is a kickass place.. i loved visiting the place wen my bro was there

all the best