Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Groundbreaking proofs 2

In November, I posted S's almost flawlwss proof for why god is a woman.

"Listen up", Jan said. "He's got a proof now for why God is a man. Though he'll probably kill me if you post it."
Thus, of course, I'm posting it.
THe proof goes thus:

Consider rain to be the pee of God.
It doesn't rain everywhere at once, does it? Thus, rain is direction-specific.
Men can ain while they pee. Thus men's pee is direction specific.
Thus, God is a man.

To this, my (flawed) contradiction.

Let rain be the tears of God. Let cloudy days = bad mood of God.
Rain falls unexpectedly and erratically. When you're expecting it to fall, there's always a dark sky.
Women cry unexpectedly and erratically. When you know they're gonna cry, they're always in a bad mood.

Hence, God is a woman.

We're so jobless na?
Even better than our theo-gender theories is Rushi's theory, which if true, makes life very very sad.


Devil Mood said...

hehehe I bet you could think of a bunch of other reasons!
I prefer the non-gender theory though ;)

Espèra said...

Technically, very technically mind you, women don't exactly pee in a spray.

Anonymous said...

God is a woman.
I agree. :)

Janani said...

y drag me into this???????????

Quicksilver said...

That is SO politically incorrect that you can burn holes in the Sunday Edition with that sort of stuff :P

Mystique said...

2 devil mood: give me time, i'll do it.

2 espera: si, je sais.

2 ki: THERE y'go.

2 jan: because you ARE in it.

2 quicksilver: i care?