Friday, 12 December 2008

85 and counting................should I be scared?

Similarities between Chikki and me..........there are over 75.....we managed to freak ourselves out a bit while we made this....

1. We love the smell of petrol.

2. We both wear men’s deo and perfumes

3. We both own at least one item of clothing belonging to a boy we know.

4. We both like our cereal soggy, with hot milk (this was the really freaky one)

5. Bikes, not cars.

6. Thin, almost the same size.

7. Lazy writers

8. Lazy photographers

9. Large watches.

10. Voracious readers

11. Hyper.

12. We’re both ‘one of the guys’

13. Expansive vocab

14. We will not hesitate to get physical. Any way you take it.

15. We WILL make dirty jokes even if it’s at our expense.

16. When we actually get angry, you might want to stay out of the way……

17. Slow eaters (VERY slow)

18. According to us, wearing shoes on a beach is a crime.

19. We say the frikkin exact same words at the same time…..

20. Chikki’s poems…..seem to come out of my head….

21. We LOVE Chandler, we ARE Phoebe.

22. We’re both considered VERY VERY weird in our school.

23. We love hammocks.

24. We love How I Met Your Mother

25. Jeans must be torn by strenuous use and not pre-worn in the factory.

26. Have very limited girl-phases

27. Will sell soul for dark (DARK) chocolate.

28. Same with Starbucks coffee.

29. Multilingual when we speak. We’ll mix hindi, English, French, Marathi, Mallu and tenu kee fark painda. Chikki does Punjabi and Bengali too.

30. Sliding down banisters.

31. Bloggers. (Chikki’s lazy, I'm active)

32. Trust guys more than girls. Why? Because they don’t gossip. And they do enough shit, so they won’t judge you.

33. Canelloni at D’Arcy’s Kitchen.

34. Will wait until absolutely necessary to wax.

35. Books in schoolbag must be in descending order of length.

36. Would prefer Elder brother, younger sister.

37. We scream for everything.

38. Our best ideas come to us in the shower in the morning.

39. Occasional drinkers.

40. No makeup except for kohl and mayyyybe a bit of gloss.

41. I'm a runner. But. We’d both love football if we were taught. We tried basketball and sucked. We tried badminton and sucked. We love high jump.

42. We’d both like to colour our hair rainbow combination……4

3. Cloud formations.

44. Hairbrushes, not combs.

45. Love dance. Dandiya anywhere.

46. Hate wet clothes.

47. We avoid text lingo. Mostly.

48. Instead of sending a long message in two pages, we’ll type it all out and then edit to fit in 150 characters.

49. Buy a lot of jewelry, but don’t use much.

50. Silver, not gold.

51. We both hate the ipod click wheel

52. Bad swimmers

53. Rock-climbers.

54. We love people-watching

55. We are both spiritual but not religious.

56. Our motto is – Ki fark painda?

57. We are also grammar and spelling freaks

58. We talk to inanimate objects and our own selves.

59. Always do our dares

60. We believe in real, tight bear hugs and only with some people

61. Find strange connections between things and people

62. Neither of us can do cart-wheels

63. We will sit where ever it is possible to do so.

64. We are also multi-lingual abusers

65. ‘Fuck you’ to marriage

66. ‘Yes’ to adoption

67. We will find sexual innuendo even if its not there

68. If we have aloo paratha, it will only be eaten with dahi

69. We will walk in the middle of the road, with no regard to traffic.

70. Don’t get freaked and/or scared easily

71. We are flat-chested and proud of it

72. Sing loudly in public

73. Love old Hindi filmy music

74. We use absurd nail colors

75. Moody eaters

76. Rather impatient

77. Ask stupid, obvious questions

78. Will violently swear at/attack the computer when it stops working.

79. Narcissists.

80. When we try to stop laughing…….we just end up laughing more…and then going out of breath….and then we can’t breathe….

81. Will find loopholes everywhere.

82. Perfectionists when it comes to actual work.

83. We draw on ourselves.

84. Garfield

85. Before we started this list…….We thought we were absolutely unique.


The Footloose Doll said...

I have a friend, and I prefer to call her my soul sister and it's exactly the same with us even though we met just a year back.
We can complete each other's sentences and voice each other's thoughts. And yes, it is freaking us out.
Must compile a similar list with her.

Espèra said...

Sounds quite familiar to me (the list).

Who is Chikki BTW? Soulmates, both of you!

Wayward Listener said...

wow, i think only girls can do this. (not speaking in an MCP manner of speakng). guys would just leave it at like 3 or 4 things and then say fuck it, its too much work.

freudian slip said...

who is chikki????
and youre proudly flat???? thought it was a sore spot? and shed better not replace me.

P.S. im completely with you with the whole bra burning mentality, but please wax! remember the handlebar moustache???

Quicksilver said...

It was 75 before, right :D ?
How about making it a nice round 100?

futomaki said...

I thought no. 71 was funnily interesting.

Chikki said...

im chikki

Mystique said...

2 footloose: i'd like to see that...

2 espera: how come?

2 vivek: aah. well, we were at her place and very jobless. not to mention freaked by this.

2 rushi: yes, no worries, you will never see me in an unwaxed state.

2 quicksilver: yeah it was....

2 futomaki: yeah, you would.....saala.

2 chikki: yes we know.

Bluebutterfly said...

pretty intresting, I would say. Its similar with a a certain friend for me too, just that we never got around to making a list. But weirdly enough, I can agree with quite a good number of points in this one too.
point twenty one is a winner.

Sneha said...

new to the blog and loved it :)
haha me and my friend can go to 100 with dissimilarities in everything we do :P

Dark chocolate? I cant believe i found a female who likes dark choco... I cant eat any kinda choco except the dark ones (Lindt 85% cocoa :D)

Starbucks coffee <3
aloo paratha+dahi <3
editing messages to fit in 150 <3

Vanilla Vats said...

naice post.
Touche at 85!

Captain Underpants said...

=|.. can't believe you had the patience to do this!

What do you mean by "We're both "one of the guys" "??