Monday, 27 October 2008

Elevator to Hell.

Every so often the lift in my building goes defunct and for days on end, we have to troop up and down three ffloors of stairs. Most of the time, it's just that the thing refuses to heed our call, being stuck in the shaft, i suppose.
But this is worse. The lift in moving in perfect condition with a contented hum. there's just one problem.
The lights have gone off.
The firt time those doors slid open to reveal the lightless, creepy chamber, I just went "O-kaaaaaay............." This did not bode well for me. I do not really have a Fear of the Dark, but i'm not too fond of it. And I do have a VERY fertile imagination indeed.
The doors close in upon me, only a miniscule slit of light remains...I'm in a void, a little black pod travelling slowly downwards, who knows to heart clenches, my muscles tense...
Maybe i'll fall into a blazing inferno...Maybe the shadows will suck me in and shrivel away my essence and feast on my bones....
Twenty tiny interminable seconds later, a shuddering stop.
The little light-slit widens.
I fly out onto the ground floor without a backward glance.


Scribblers Inc said...

ah jeez!! SWEET! :D

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-this is nice, you could have stretched the experience a bit, or given it the "I" touch if you know what I mean!! But then, thats just me!! :D

The Snitch said...

OMG, I was just watching a serial in which one of the character gets stuck in the elevator. Such co-incidence! Except that you didn't really get stuck in it.

Next time this happens, imagine you're stuck with some cute guy or something. Imagination can always work the other way too, can't it? ;)

Quicksilver said...

Wowie ! Imagine if it had stopped midway... just tells you, its always better take the stairs!

Espèra said...

Yeehaw. My elevator has a nice huge mirror which reflects all the lights around and around (lights off the buttons, I mean) so that even if the overhead lights aren't working, the teeny red lights get magnified.

Unless I'm returning from school however, I prefer to take the stairs, the elevator is just too goddamn slow.