Sunday, 26 October 2008

Oh how i hate when this happens.

I had some pretty good thoughts in school. all very good. i remember thinking i'd write them down when i got home.

but somewhere on my way back home, the thoughts lost their way. and now i can't find them.

i hate this.


meanwhile. athletics season is back, the meet's on thursday.



Espèra said...

Okay, Google Reader.
When you sign in to your Gmail ID, and you enter the inbox area, along a bar on the top will be a tab called "More" with an arrow sign. Clock on the arrow, a list drops down, select Reader.
It will open and beg to give you a tour. Once you're done, feed in the blogs you want updates of and they'll show the past entries too.

Neer said...

A mystique.......
right ??

hmm so u think u hate when u slipped with ur thoughts right, see there is not the thoughts it was an open thread with the little blooms inside the mind related to the thought which stuck somewhere deep inside the right ahhhhh no left side of brain.
got it, no , me also didnt get it.

Well the touche i got is,have a sun setting infront of U and take the thread and move to the end where u were, i think ur mind would definetly processed out lotta new things which u think u dont knw, but yes u knew it.......


Bluebutterfly said...

Lol. That has happened far too many times with me, I just end up laughin an spending the entire day thinking and thinking and remembering.

Mystique said...

2 espera: thankyouuuu

2 neer: didn't get a word of that.

2 butterfly: yeah, it just irritates me.