Wednesday, 29 October 2008

When the twain meet and other updates.

SAT scores out this morning, I'm 2240. :)

In the true spirit of diwali, the lights in the elevator have now started to flicker. oh joy. My dad responded to this by making a different ghastly face each time the lights went on.

And yesterday my two best friends met each other. Rushi meets Kay, at the souq. It was all pretty good, actually, I blew a lot of money on crystal beads(citrine, smoky quartz, aquamarine, all chunky. and silver beads too.), he blew money on a gift, she blew money on a pretty shell locket.
And Rushi darling has a disproportionately overlarge mouth. Kay was still reeling from the shockers he told her about me half an hour later. Shaking her head in bemusement and going "Seriously, Myst, I cannot believe you.....what the heck is wrong with you..." etc.

If you can't get the skeletons outa your closet, at least teach them to dance.
with beads on.

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