Thursday, 30 December 2010


I suppose it has to be done, yes? And if I must do it, I might as well do it full justice, with photos. Instead of 140 character updates on Twitter.

So we begin at the beginning. What my feeble memory discloses to me.

January begins with play rehearsals, walking around chor bazaar looking for props, and then finally, The Night of January 16th, by Ayn Rand, staged in college, on, well, the night of January....15th. Too bad. But wonderful it was.

Then there was the after-party, and all the debauchery that went with it. And then there was the re-telling of the stories, by the girl who sat curled up in a chair all night, watching everyone. 

February went by in a flash, to study. After the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, that is. My first. :)
February, I believe, was also when Nam and I started the writing threads. Some very awesome, creepy, and awesomely creepy things have come out of those threads. Feb was also the month of the slash. Sigh. Feb had one 70's party to its name, courtesy M, and a bboy battle event the day after, where MuSick debuts. The beginning of something big. 

Exams were in March. After which I rushed home to see Chikki off...a two-night send-off, as it were. Lots of laughter. LOTS of fun. Much love for Chikki and all the boys. 

Call them the LMAO nights, yes. March was also when I started the internship at The Week, in Muscat.

April blurs into the beginning of May. The internship made sure I actually woke up in the morning, as opposed to 1pm. Good fun, good work. A few movie reviews, with byline. Invictus with Sruti, Date Night, with Nam as company, and of course, Clash of the Titans. Nam, Liz, Vee. The brus. Slushkaz!! 
Camping on the beach with the parents. Calm, serene. Lazing with the cats at home. Hanging out with Aarushi. 

May was, well, Singapore! Kay, Bhai, tiny shorts, MANY malls, rollerblading, Bailey's, the metro, Universal studios, HRC, yada de yada. Forgetting the camera memory card at Jurong bird park, and being caught in the rain for an hour, with pretty owls to stare at. Spectacular walks at Singapore zoo. And a final flight back home.

June and July, traipsing around college. And all the wonderful Twitter people I met. E, Piu. Ladies' Nights, Azbaz. June was a green-streaked fauxhawk and a week in Pune, July was Burger & Beer at Woodside and the fun that followed and the people I met. 

July and August, I assist Annie with her MA project on Dharavi. I did more photography than assistance, really. But it was wonderful. Profoundity, opinions, a new outlook, and the best chai ever. And, of course, seeing Annie, after SO long. 

August, later, was the EA bake sale, where we positively raked in the bucks. And WONDERFUL brownies!
August, also, Olio and all the fun and stress that came with it. Likla was a nice dragon. 

September was when I was introduced to fire theater, with Nikhil. Mesmerising. Absolutely brilliant stuff. 

Sept was also the month I got sick. Food poisoning, I say. I was down and out for two weeks. Sigh.

It's all downhill from here...October was mad study, exam mornings at CBTL with Ankiet, exams, a birthday post-exam lunch with Ankiet (his birthday, not mine), exams, and then Muscat. Lazing with the cats and dad. Chilling alone on the beach. And of course, the Canon EOS 50D and what I did with it. 

Then back to Bombay with the parents. November would have been a trek in Nepal, but that got cancelled, which meant I was 'on vacation' in Bombay. Which I haven't really been since I moved here, so it was quite nice. Much roaming about the city, talking to the mother, TTS launch, and Garudmachi. Dad and I escape to the hills for two days, where I am in absolute bliss. 

Also, I hit the beautiful rock-climbing wall there, attacked each face of it, and was left with beautifully sore muscles for the next two days. Such utter bliss.

November was also my first Diwali in India, Irish coffee, getting DRENCHED in the rain with Nikhil, cursing all the way from Dadar station to wherever we found the cab. 

Also, Elephanta. 

November was the beginning of another play, (Two plays, actually, The Boor, and The Proposal, by Anton Chekov) 8-hour rehearsals, and the month ended with my 19th birthday. Bringing it in with another birthday girl at Krish's, then lunch, then rehearsals, then E & Nam, and then Janata, and the wonderful fire-spin night (where I did eventually fall asleep), fire wielding, and Marine Drive at 6 am on a Sunday, with Nikhil and Bidi. Dosas at the lovely Ram Ashray at 8. UnderDog Kombat Anniversary battles in Andheri, in the evening, me with the camera, happy.

December, rehearsals, rehearsals, falling asleep in rehearsals, bad music (HOW CAN SHE SLAP?), good guitar playing, inside jokes, McDonalds, Subway, pizza, all kinds of junk, all ordered in, and then, showtime. And quite seriously, after that, it's just been a countdown to the week off college (which is right now). Global Fusion lunch with Dad, who was here, one fun birthday/christmas party, bike ride on Marine drive, bringing in Kutt's 19th, all of that. It's a countdown to tomorrow and to the 1st of jan when I'll be on a plane, heading to the parental and feline abode. 

So yeah, it's been an interesting year. With much love to the Bombay people, R, Datta, Nikhil, Ankiet, Radhika, Kutt, E, who, well, make me feel loved. Goodnight, 2010. 

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Blognostic said...

Love the books, boots and beaten track. :)

Resembles mine, except for the fact that my books were for exams. :)

Have a happy adventurous 2011. :)