Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 in my head.

I just said all that. But what would sum it up is, I have lived, loved, felt loved. Searched till I was made to realize I didn't need to. Learnt some lessons, hope to remember them. I don't remember forgiving (maybe I forgave and forgot) but I have had to be forgiven, ask for forgiveness, yes, more times than one. Lived and learned, in my head. Still learning, always figuring it out. Never knowing what's right, probably because nothing is. So yes, it's been an interesting year.

I can't word it very well, but, I love you people. You people who've loved me, forgiven me, surprised me, uplifted me. I even love some of you people who've made me feel like shit (for no fault of my own) and need to be clonked over the head.

Thank you.

It's not very articulate, but it is heartfelt.

What I want for myself from next year is to screw up less. With myself and with other people. Be wiser. Face up for whatever I do. And make use of the constant reminder I've now given myself.


R said...

Amen. Screwing up is (mostly) fun though.

Sakshi said...

Happy New Year! Lets hope that the excitement continues!

Blognostic said...

How is 2011? :)