Monday, 9 August 2010

Play Cool.

Pages 16 to 20.

Someone who reads this blog contacted me out of the blue, and said she's starting an E-zine featuring young artists from over the country, and would I like to be featured in the first issue? I jumped. Above is the link.
I'm rather happy right now.

Also. I've been traipsing around Dharavi with Annie, who's filming her MA dissertation there. Stories have been heard. Interesting ones. Touching ones. I can't really give a positive or negative opinion...I can just say, it's a place everyone living in Bombay should visit. At least once.


Jack said...


Visited the link and liked what you said. Very honest and frank. Keep it up. Let us see some good photographs which you have clicked.

Take care

PS : It will be my pleasure to have your views on some of my posts.

--xh-- said...

wow, congratz :)

Scribblers Inc said...

My oh My!! Isnt the lady goin places! Congratulations...I went through the whole place...mindblowing stuff...Glad to know an artist! :)

in awe
Scribblers Inc.

PartRhymer said...

Hello Miss..
That's some admirable work.
Glad to stumble across such a talent.
I wish for the BEST, to come for you in the near future.


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