Saturday, 21 August 2010


There is no morning. There is no evening. Only grey.
No sunrise, no sunset.
Shades of grey.
Time doesn't make sense any more, everything looks the same.

"It's so lovely."
"Let's drink some chai."
"Old Monk and Coke!"
What wonderful weather. Make excuses for the lack of blue. No colour. No...light.
Cross your fingers and hope the sky doesn't fall on your head.

It rains.
For hours. Days. Weeks. The calendar is drenched. The clock has stopped. There's water in the gears.
Wake up arbitrarily. Go out. Work. Come back. Drenched. Like a wet cat. Have you ever seen a happy cat in the rain?

The day the blue skies and the breeze are back is the day we'll stop shaking our fists at the universe.


Espèra said...

I think you have SAD. :|

Espèra said...

Go out and dance in the rain! :D

Jack said...


I agree too much of anything is bad but when you can not help it just let your hair down and enjoy. Get drenched to relish CHAI or Old Monk whatever you prefer. I like the later in the evenings.

Take care