Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Playing with Mr Brightside

I'm coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine gotta gotta be down because I want it all

Sitting on the parapet under a light drizzle, flicking an old lighter on and off. The sound soothes me, the flame keeps dying. Waiting for someone who’ll never come back; not everyone holds on to old flames like I do.

It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

I see lips. Parted lips. Soft lips. Pretty lips. They’re the last thing I see before I close my eyes and smile.

Now I'm falling asleep and she's calling a cab while he's having a smoke and she's taking a drag

I taught you how to smoke. You tried to smoke one of my cigs and dissolved into a coughing mess. Somehow, smoking someone else’s lights makes you more unfaithful than actually sleeping with him.

Now they're going to bed and my stomach is sick and it's all in my head

Watching a cab pull up on the street below me, giggles, high-heels clacking. A window lights up opposite me.

But she's touching his-chest now, he takes off her dress now, letting me go

The sheets on my bed are still rumpled, but the candles have burned out. Rose petals on the floor, a pretty pout. You don’t remember any of this, it’s a wisp of smoke in your head, now gone. I light my last cig of the day.

And I just can't look, its killing me…and taking control

Some cigarette ash falls onto my arm, I gasp and then surrender the small mark on my arm to the drizzle outside my balcony. In the window, there are shadows. Silhouettes. Now the light goes off. I lean my head back and blow out smoke.

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies

I used to watch you while you slept sometimes. Hogging the covers, your mouth all pouty, curled up in a little feline ball. I’d stroke your hair once, and then go to sleep with you fitting close against me like the last piece of the puzzle.

Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside

Somehow, this song always manages to remind me of someone or the other.

It's weird, sometimes, that's the song I listen to when I'm sad, so I can be sadder, and then I listen to the words, But when I'm happy I listen to the tune and how the same few notes roll round and round.

Such a strange song.


Playing with the lyrics of one of my favourite songs. I heard the song, I thought of you, I thought I should write. I reaffirm that I do not smoke.


Tensor said...

I thought you were going to write a piece of fiction inspired from the song, not convert lyrics into detailed sentences.
Well, even this is nice.

Strange song it is.

Chikki said...

this is dark and pretty. like a black and red coloured venus fly trap.

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Taking photographs is capturing something for future. It may not be called creating something but choosing subject and capturing it is an art itself. Touching lyrics. Hope you have moved on from whatever made you sad.

Take care

Mystique said...

@ T: Ah well. I was tired.

@ Chikki: Thank you. Venus fly trap, huh?

@ Jack: Thanks, and yes, I have.