Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I ache to write. I long to get the spark of an idea, it doesn't have to be phenomenal, any idea, and I want to catch it and trap it down on paper even as it struggles to escape me, pin in down with the lines and curves that form my near-illegible handwriting. I will write about people I know, and the people that come out of the depths of my head. I will...create.

I long to do random dance steps everywhere, but I don't. I'm waiting for the moment when I realise that my body is finally one with the beat.

I want to click. To capture light and shade. To freeze time into millions of pixels. To see the unusual in the ordinary. To frame life as it passes me by.

But I'll never get any of it done if all I do is want and wait.


The Dude said...

that last line was actually very insightful mystique..

if you want to do it, just go ahead and do it.

Ive bene putting off writing anything new for ages but it annoys me constantly and ideas keep coming that I dont work on so I decided to just get off my ass and write. whatever it might be, just to get into the flow.

do what you want, unless there is a genuine reason not to you should not put these things off, its not healthy for the soul...

Espèra said...

Ah damn. Same here. But I have an excuse. I have sciency-junk on my mind. My recreation has been limited to TV now. And then there's the studies ...

VIDYA said...

totally struck a chord with me :)
Scooting over to my blog to create right now :)