Thursday, 31 December 2009

The End.

No, not of this blog, though at the pace I'm blogging, I might as well.

The end of the year. 2009. The 'Noughties' are done with, I guess. Woo hoo and all.

It's been a good decade. We've gone...from the Backstreet Boys to Hannah Montana, and everything in between, and I don't know WHICH is worse.

The year...well, it was the end of an era. School. CBSE. All that. My hair went from ostentatious red-streaked (sadly, THAT'S the photo that's on my college ID card) to pink streaked to punk short. And's a little shorter than that. Whee. I got a third piercing on my right ear (it STILL hurts. SO many months later.) I fell in love with Bombay and so much more. I went from being angry that I couldn't go to college because of rain, to waking up, hearing rain, rolling over and going back to sleep quite happily. I loathe heavy rain.
It's been...a good year.

Plans? Well...My parents are in town. Leaving tomorrow. So, we're watching 3 Idiots tonight. Whee. A sober New Year.

Resolutions? Absolutely none, as of now. Take life as it comes. Make the best of everything. Grab opportunities by the nuts. Crib less. Dance more.'s to Twenty Ten, I wish everyone a great new year! I Apologize for the highly boring post.


Anonymous said...

you sound very cool with the hair and the piercings and all :)

happy twenty-oh-ten

Jack said...


It was not at all boring rather interesting. May 2010 bring even more happiness, joys and better times for you. Your hair look kind of cute. How I wish I could send an e-card!

Take care