Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A change of subject

The acid test is the stupid exam.

From spending nights on end with a stack of foolscap, scribbling, solving, deriving and tossing, to perusing short stories, Animal Farm, excerpts from the Mahabharata and *shudder* Sindabad the Sailor (at BA level. REALLY.)

This is the stuff I have to write 3, maybe 5 page answers about.

Why do I get the feeling that MOST of this is gonna be on the spot bullshitting?


Jack said...


Best of luck. In the years to come you will remember these days with a lot of laughter when you relate these to your close ones.

Take care

taurius1 said...

Welcome to Mumbai University. The on the spot bullshitting works even with technical subjects. :P

Michelle said...

Hahaha.College life often tends to be that way.I loved doing Animal Farm though =]