Saturday, 21 November 2009

Myst needs a modus operandum.

Situation: 'Tis my 18th birthday in a week. Unfortunately, my exams start 3 days after the aforementioned birthday. My best friend (okay, Rushi, ONE of them) is gonna be in town, so I need a plan.

My original plan was to gift myself something. I was going to get tattooed on my 18th, but i'd rather do it with mom's permission.

I currently have no plan. I know I want to be OUT the whole day, which involves me waking up in the morning and not the afternoon, yes. I know I'd like it to be memorable.

And I know I'm on a budget. Kinda.

It doesn't help that I'm relatively new to Bombay and don't always know were to take people out...

I have a beautiful new dress. I don't want to waste it.

So, to the universal forces, and to you people...I say HELP.

Offer your valuable advice. And I will tell you whether it has been followed.


Anonymous said...

When I was 18yrs old I still called my mom and asked permission to get a piercing, she said "you are 18 yrs old now, you can do what you like but thank you for asking". If you really want to get a tattoo and I have 5 do it but make sure you absolutely love it! Happy early birthday!

Anonymous said...

Tell each of your friends to buy a plain tshirt and a fabric pen, then spend the day giving away free hugs to random people and getting them to sign you after. After each hour, count how many people signed each of you, and whoever has the least has to do a dare. Then in the evening, you can go out with all your friends wearing your dress and you'll also have a load of memories about the day you gave out free hugs :) I hope this was helpful. Mystery Google Mission Complete.

Anonymous said...

Wake up and have all of your friends come over and make an amazing breakfast: pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, etc. After that, go out shopping together in weird stores or costume shops just for fun. And then have lunch in the park, weather permitting, and take a walk through interesting parts of town and take pictures. Then go home and put on that dress and get ready for nighttime. Go out to dinner with your best friends and then hit up the clubs. :D

Mystique said...

@ all: Helpful, yes. THANKS.

Sakshi said...

Well, my personal favorite way would be to go to the beach at the stroke of midnight and mark the 18th birthday with the waves of the sea lapping your feet. And, then, have a nice day roaming around the streets of mumbai- town side/ fort area are beautiful, just taking walks down those roads give you goosebumps in a good way. And since you are on a budget- you have really cheap places that side to satiate your appetite and lastly sit down at marine drive look deep into the ocen, and thank god for the love and the life he has given you.
Have fun babes, and college exams should not stress you.
Happy Birthday.

Jack said...


Just spend the day with those close to you anywhere where you feel comfortable. If you can, take a train with them to Lonavala and enjoy greenery of hills, trekking and eat whatever you get on the roadside.

Take care

jaded said...

I've got a suggestion.The night before your b'day gather your most morally retarded friends. Get drunk, abuse all of humanity with special care in choosing the profanities for those special individuals who cannot be forgotten at such occasions.Then at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps let your neighbors awake to swearing, yelling and other wholesome drunken celebrations.Let the world...well the world within a radius of 50 meters at least know that 18 years ago you were born. Call up all your friends who have committed the appalling crime of not wishing you and tell them how much you love them and how they mean so much to you and tell them its your b'day. Their reaction is worth it. Oh by the by tell your friends to stop you at any cost from calling your family. The righteous wrath that will follow the next day when you're nursing a hangover is not pleasant believe me. Get drunk, tell the world to stuff their self-righteous indignation up their nether regions and give vent to all the suppressed emotions that might be lurking. When you finally roll into bed or in those last few moments of coherent thought process before you black out, whichever happens first, you'll have a feeling of relief unmatched by anything else.
Well, any day is good for this but I feel that it wont be a bad way to celebrate the day one was born. Besides, people tend to forgive you for pretty much everything short of murder on your b'day ;).

Mystique said...

@ sakshi: I'm gonna be in town, yes.

2 jack: :)

2 jaded: Oh i would very much love to do that.