Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Trying, as always, to find the colour.

I have not much to write right now. So, the photos. I'm loving my new Nokia 6303 (low budget, to compensate for the loss of my MOTOK1.), more for the camera than anything else. It helps greatly when I'm bored.
I have a group project to submit by November 1st, the topic is Celebrities as social activists. Growr.

Okay, photos, from top to bottom, we have:
1. Mosaic at Candies, Bandra. I could take photos of every single tile in the place, it's done up SO well!
2. My daily commute. I need to reshoot this tomorrow.
3. Pretty blue tile, Candies. My phone camera didn't capture the colour as it actually was.... :(
4. What I did in today's English class. Inspired by thegirlinthebigbox, specifically her rainbow art, which I absolutely adore. Great examples of her work are here, here and here. She's so incredibly talented....I'm gonna stop now.
5. I shamelessly advertise. I made that. Got all the beads and stuff when I went to Muscat over Diwali. Green garnet and silver.
6. Teeny carrot-cupcake at Candies. It was delicious.
7. Colaba causeway. The silk bangles.
8. Conversely. I have magenta, she has purple.

So yeah. That is me, for now. Enjoy.

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♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

I have a pair of magenta sneakers exactly like yours!!!

soin said...

the glass works nice.. seen some really brilliant ones in santhome church..i once saw a big flower vase type jug made of colorful glass pieces wedged together somehow..had the usual lady image in it..with light from inside it remains one of the most brilliant stuff i have seen..free

Anonymous said...

nice photos :)

Sakshi said...

Lovely pictures. And my sister will to have those magenta converse.

Misanthropist said...

awesome necklace again!
good pics. and lovely converse :)
btw im planning to buy 6303.
is really good and only 2 shades naa?

Espèra said...

That carrot cupcake is so cute!

And girl, I LOVE that doodle/graffiti you've made.
That's realllly amazing.
Aaaargh. *jealousifies*

Antigone said...

Oooh cupcake picture is yum.
that doodle shalt be your legacy.

listen to 3OH!3's remix of Starstrukk with Katy Perry. Better yet, watch the new vid. So funneh.

R said...

The third picture is the coolest.