Friday, 30 October 2009

I wish

I wish I were older than the stars
I wish I had seen the beginning of time
The slow evolution
The first tool
The rise of a civilisation
Antony's speech
Helen of Sparta
The tayu courtesans
India's golden age
The newly built Taj.

If I wasn't Indian...

I'd want to be Japanese.
Petite sexy schoolgirl in tiny skirt uniform.
White face, tiny beautiful eyes, fair legs in knee socks
Land of bullet trains and geisha and sushi and karaoke.
(Maybe it's the book I was reading that makes me say this)

I want to live in Miami, wear hot shorts and lounge on the beach. Perfect weather too.

I want to live in New York, be street smart, know my way up and down Manhattan and the subway.

I want to be a chic Parisienne and have the lust for love, cheese and good food in my soul.

But yeah. Bombay works for now. Live in a city with the driving rain and local trains.


Whimsy crap whimsy crap whimsy crap.
Oh gods of writing or whatever, strike me with inspiration. Please. Thank you.

Now REreading: Neil Gaiman - American Gods.


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

That was so funnily sweetly cute

R said...

Neil Gaiman! Have you read Anansi Boys? It's fantastic. Good Omens is out of this world, because he wrote it with Terry Pratchett.

Not forgetting Caroline :)

Mystique said...

@ R: Anansi Boys, not yet. Good Omens is, as you said, stellar. Gaiman + Pratchett = maind BLOWN.

The Dude said...

nice poem you got there..

and American gods is a wicked book! one of the best books in recent years if you ask me. Gaiman is arguably the best story-teller of his generation in my view and if you end up liking this, read his short stories, Anansi Boys and most definately check out The Graveyard Book.. lovely work..

Jack said...


LOL. But on second thoughts good compostion and wishes. Good photographs.

Take care