Tuesday, 11 August 2009

*Koff koff* .... Can it be...?

Slowly but quite surely, the paranoia is reaching Bombay.

Meanwhile, Dadar Station (central side) has a new aquisition!



Jack said...


One needs to take precautions but not become paranoid. Josh, It is common sight here in Delhi. But how far this will succeed in containing HIV etc God only knows.

Take care

Roy said...

Depends on what your priority is!!!

taurius1 said...

A few dozen people die of swine flu and everyone's wearing masks. A few million people infected with HIV and people still refuse to wear condoms...
In any case, stay safe.

Quicksilver said...

That second photo looks like Harleen Kaur from love aajkal

Michelle said...

i haven't gotten out of the house in a week! and that is SOMETHING cause i can never stay home.damn you pigs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, we have tons of these 'josh spot' things here :)

Mystique said...

2 Jack: I'm HEALTHY!!!

2 roy: true that.

2 tauriud: LOLLL

2 quicksilver: no.....not at all.

2 michelle: awww..i know how it is.

2 ki: they're hilarious. useful too.