Sunday, 16 August 2009

And Just when I needed it most....

I went home. To the place I've called home for the last 17 years.

Swine flu holidays and the ongoing teachers' strike put me on a plane to Muscat on Thursday...and now I'm home. My bright flat with my white cats. Who managed to remember me within two hours of my arrival.
Just being here makes me feel good. More than being here, I think it's being with my parents, and my mom's excellent cooking. And the white cats. I woke up to Maheen-cat biting my ankles. *Happy sigh*

Kaminey was yefterday, and after that movie, I have a newfound refpect for Fhahid Kapoor. A double role with TWO fpeech defects if no eafy tafk.

Today we gave Basu a farewell, well a kinda pseudo farewell, it just ended up with a bunch of us in his complex pool, buoyanting, as we call it. Truly awesome to see these guys again, these guys I love so much, after so long. Today I learnt to always keep camera batteries charged. I learnt that the element of surpise, and some sentimentality is a good thing to have. (SLK, LOL.) I've been spanked multiple times today, and pushed into the deep end of the pool. Which I enjoyed, even though I can't swim too well at all....
Very cool. I love being in the water though. Feels nice. Not too nice after I get out, like a drenched cat, hair all frizzy.

I learnt...that a few people don't forgive easy and there's nothing you can do about it. And I know my Muscat friends love me, and home will always be home.


For Once, I'm happy about this strike bullshittyness.


Jack said...


So the bright side of swine flu and strike in colleges made you happy to be in your know surroundings. Have a jolly good time as long as you are there. I know some friends are always friends. Let the one who does not forgive easlily be at his or her own to realise it.

Take care

The Dude said...

Good for you, it always feels nice to go back that space where you can feel at home like a kid again.

And I love water - the ocean in particular - myself, so nice to see someone else who does as well.

Keep feeling good, cheers..

Mystique said...

2 Jack: true, thanks!

2 the dude: the blue blue sea, tis one of my first loves.