Wednesday, 29 July 2009

One week later, the situation is the same. The strike situation, that is. The theatre workshops in college? Those are over too. So now I'm praying even harder for college to start, and FAST.

I've been a bit lethargic and melancholy...I guess a fever-cum-cold-cum infected month-old peircing does that to you....

Mom dragged me to a doctor last week, who sternly told me I was 15 kgs underweight. Pumped me up with all kinda of supplement pills I'm supposed to be taking. This blows. Plus I LOST 4 kgs after I got to Bombay.

So now, I'm quite literally fed up.

C'est la vie, mais ce n'est pas bonne.


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

aww thats so sad... but its ok, at least you aren't overweight to have to work out those extra kgs :P

Espèra said...

FIFTEEN kgs underweight?
Sigh. I wish I were just five.
Eat up, lady.

And have fun at the breakdance classes. :D

Jack said...


Please take care. One should be within +/- 10% of ideal weight. Do eat well, not overeating but nourshing food. Best of luck for college reopening. Waiting for your visit.

Take care

Shrutilaya said...



Anonymous said...


And oui, ce n'est pas bon, mais j'espere que tout sera excellente dans ta vie. :)

VIDYA said...

hey Mystique!
I confess.I've lurked around your blog many times,but this is the first time I'm commenting!
Great blog.Very original.And keep the rants coming!They're great fun :)

Mystique said...

2 harini: i suppose that's true, yeah

2 sam: :D

2 jack: i try....

2 shru: yup, that's me.

2 ki: oui, j'espere aussi.

2 vidya: welcome, and thanks!!

SiMbA tAgO said...

u write so ecstatic... brilliant..impressive...good work