Monday, 22 June 2009

It RAINED. And even though I live on the main road in urban jungle, I could smell that smell, the smell of freshly rained-on mud. Bliss.

Of course, it wasn't so blissy when I had to go out and the rain got at my feet and it was all icky and muddy, no, that part I'm not used to. Yet. It will change, I guess.
I'm loving this wonderful breeze though.

Things are looking up, I'm super-psyched about the BA at Jai Hind, because I have THE best subjects. English, french, psych, Literature, Philosophy. There is nothing there that I don't want. Nothing at all.

My best friend is back in Bombay, which means that I once again have to carefully watch my words for latent innuendo. Sigh. Can never drop my guard with him around.
The pissing off part is his Vodafone numbers been deactivated and I'm supposed to meet him today. Sigh.

So yes, life is definitely in an upward direction now....

Mom says I'm much calmer than I was when she first got here. Maybe I am, I suppose. I've been through a lot in that month I was alone here, learnt a lot. And come out a little wiser. And, well, happy, I guess. I'm 17 and right now it fels like I'm on a cliff with the whole world in front of me. I have no stories to tell...yet.

But I will soon have them.


We were invited to dinner by dad's IIT friends yesterday night, and from yesterdays conversations I conclude thus : All IITians have the same sense of humor. Sigh. And it IS hereditary.


Roy said...

all IITians do have the same sense of humor but hereditary? this is a new one!

taurius1 said...

Did they tell you about the 5 states of being of a man?

Irene said...

Congrats on the BA Miss Pai!

Shrutilaya said...

Hello, are you reading my mind?

it rained here too.. I ended up choocing chennai, it was far too important to me. = )

Seventeen year old whose life is just beggining, I can relate.

Roy said...

hey, those pjs are funny! they are still my staple.

Express said...

don't get too annoyed by the mumbai rains, its just the beginning and trust me, in proper monsoons, it doesn't rain here, it pours :)

and and
u were bored home alone in mumbai?! v had a bloggers' meet woman! anyway, just the 1st one in many more 2 come :)

Jai Hind sounds gr8! congrats on the wonderful subjects! Try and start writing with campusjunkie nah, collg will be LOTT more fun! :) I'm so glad that they happened to me in my final year in collg :)

wish u loads of love n luck gal!
collg life in mumbai is prolly the best u ll experience.. :)

..which, i shall miss

Jack said...


Nice to know you are relaxed now. You will get used to what is MUMBAI. You are at age when you can make or mar your future. Have fun but do concentrate fully on studies and other activities which are going to be your support in future life. You have a very good combination of subjects. I am sure you will do full justice.

Take care

Anonymous said...

All the best for college. :)

The Dude said...

fresh rain is always amazing, and can I just say that Im completely jealous that you got some while we sit here in delhi baking away :D

sounds like you have the most awesome subjects too - though I could live without the french there.. good to hear you're finding yourself and getting things together and all, and just so you know: you may be only 17 but there are always stories to tell, its just a matter of seeing them yourself... often we overlook a lot of things because its us and not someone else, you dont notice yourself, you know?
take care..


Mystique said...

2 roy: done.

2 taurius: whut?

2 irene: zhengyu!

2 shru: i might be....

2 roy: huh.

2 express: i KNOW it purs. bloggers meet?? whennnn???? and yeah all this i have to do...

2 truly.

2 qi: thanks.

2 dude: true, that.

kish said...

Is blissy even a word:P