Monday, 2 March 2009

And so the End Begins

With a hall. Yeha, they held the exam in the hall this time, the same hall where we've sat (slept) through countless assemblies, the same hall where, just two weeks ago, we were all bejewelled and sari clad to celebrate our grand exit from ISM.
Lemme tell you, it was goddamned irritating.....
First, you freeze by the time three hours are up. Second, my seat's almost right in front. Literally front and center. Sighhhh.
The paper, well, it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped for, but it was quite good. And oh my GAAWWWWD it is such a relief to get chem over with!!
Now it's physics on friday, which I'm pretty much ok with. So after a 'short nap' it's back to the books for me.

No chem.



Janani said... seat is right next to the door man..i mean gud 4 exitng..but since i got out first i was swept by seetha wid an anxious-":so how was it????"....she gave me a scare wid her look man.....anyways ble to chem now..ttyl

taurius1 said...

Oh you'd be surprised about the "never again" Subjects have an ugly way of turning up where you least expect them in undergrad and grad studies.

Biju Mathews said...

Best of luck!!

Keep Blogging!

Espèra said...

That's funny. We never have our Boards in the same school that we study in.

"No chem.
I still have a year to go before that. Or Physics. Dunno. I hate Physics more.

Jack said...


Congratulations. So 1 down and rest will go the same way too. Who know you may be studying Chem again in college. Remain calm and everything will be fine.

Take care

Anuj said...

Good luck for today's i.e. Friday's exam.

Mystique said...

2 jan: hahahhha truuuu

2 taurius: no sci ever.

2 biju: thengyuu

2 espera: haHA

2 jack: yeah yeah

2 anuj: and it was GOOOOd