Friday, 27 February 2009


12.30 am, 25 Feb 2009

Grey fog clouds my mind
numbers, letters shine through
Bright orange, pink
seared into my head
molecules rearranging
skewed logic, like carefully choreographed dancers
papers, papers, spilled all around
frantic hunt for pens on the table
why is all the paper always gone?
scribblescribble numbers words
cat on table, balefully stares
golden eyes, reproachful looks
long words terms phrases
eyes move over page
hands reach out, coffee, coffee!!
Gulp. over.
The fog clears.
I sigh.
I study.
And so it goes. I've finished portion and I'm doing the whole thing again. I'm also addicted to old hindi filmi music. And movies, old ones. Exam-time afflictions.
Of my friends I shall speak?
Vagi and her beau, well, they're not supposed to be talking till the boards are over. So they (at least the Beau) make Jan's life hell.
Beau, if you're reading this, you are turing into a WOMAN. you hear?
Peace out, back to Padosan (toldja)


Biju Mathews said...

Reminds me of those good old exam days!

Study hard and keep blogging!!

Janani said...

yes shalaka....this exactly wat i need......u know am already being murdered for telling u???....if either of them read history!!!!!!........n am halfway there god help me.....edit it.....bum.

Bluebutterfly said...

First is chem nah...
Super best of luck.
Do well and stay calm
Best Wishes,

Jack said...


I am sure you will do very well.

Take care

Mystique said...

2 biju: Bad exam days, more like....

2 jan: -_-

2 bb: yeah...thanks

2 jack: i hope so too!

Akshaya said...

you dodo ..... u complete ass...jst wait till i get to kick u !!!!!