Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pink pink

In answer to the Shiv Ram Sene, Nisha Susan has started the pink chaddi campaign.
They call themselves the consortium of loose forward pub going women, because all drinking women are considered loose.
The idea is that Muthalik desperately needs love this V-day, so send him a nice pink chaddi.
It's kinda like that gandhigiri idea from Lage Raho Munnabhai. Check out the link above for more details.
In answer to these guys, someone started the pink condom campaign........saying that these Loose pub going women are advocating sluttishness and alcoholism.....and will definitely need a condom to help them.

Sigh. campaign war.
but yea, the Sena needs love. and a good beating. So send in your chaddis.


Jack said...


People like Mutalik need to be totally ignored. Media should desist giving any news about such persons. Once they are not getting limelight they crave for their stupid acts will die natural death. If at all some girls still wish to take it up, it should not be pink chaddis but with good old JHAROOS, CHAPPALS AND DANDAS. These self appointed guardians of our heritage are nothing but frustrated lot who have had unhappy childhood.

Take care

Espèra said...

It's gonna be totally sad. With this much publicity, these Ram Sene people will be on their look out for pink undies.

Maybe throwing some on their faces is a better idea. Hehe. Frilly ones. The kinds no one actually wears.

Mystique said...

@ jack: that's what i was wondering.......

2 espera: true. or even the slutty kind. black lacy. haHA.

coolguy said...

Media coverage of the Mangalore pub attack has left me puzzled.When it comes to our children/sisters/wifes,we want them to refrain from drinks,drugs,sex and pubs,but when it comes to others children/sis/wifes,we stop shy of correcting them.Would the Union Minister for Women’s Welfare,Who vociferuosly condemned the mangalore incident,appreciate her children indulging in such activities? The pub culture does not reflect the prgress of our nation.India will Shine only by retaining its Culture and Tradition,and not by imitating the West….

I am not favour of the idea.In the name of fashion & trying to be bold,girls/boys nowdays try to imitate hollywood stars.In fact the so-called modern look is an invitation to trouble.People should realise the defference between being fashionable and indecency.

There is no harm in being modern,but one should keep in mind the culture that the majority of the population follows.The pink Chaddi campaign is an attempt to paint the picture of indian women as ultra-modern,which is far from reality.Therefore,it is consider as a useless idea from a crap mind…

coolguy said...

why don't she(know the past history of this nisha suzan)and some womens send panties to those mullas who critised Sania Mirza, to those moulvis who killed a poor guy for marrying a muslim women, the mians of Karnataka Forum for Dignity(KFD) who assaulted so many young mangalore boys for talking to muslim women. If they are really forward, do something for the country, to make it culturally proud, rather than degrading themselves and the entire women of India. HUGE SHAME those who started and support

Mystique said...

oh sweet lord. all i'm saying is live and let live man, if you don't wanna drink, don't, but don't butt into our happy hour.

coolguy said...

me new in this blogging world...basically i dont blog,no time :)...but came/made a blog to comment here only... but damm what make u reply so late and that to today 14 feb eerrrh lol... well look, me or any one is not against love is beautiful full respect for this,but aginst the way it has been taken now, love gone some where name of love ??? u know what ! ---- we dont want this or gals after pubs & alcohism in chandigarh freedom doesn't means anyone can do illegal activities or misuse it ,what respect they given
or will have to their parents by doing this.Most of this anti valentine,pubs, alcohism was supported by all parents from diff community...

well this has been started now against that chaddi have a look

that stupid Ms N susan online chat in crap media like IBM live chat 1 day back

yth:why are u only sending chaddis to muthalik and not to Asiya Andrabi, whose group threatens to throw ACID on women who celebrate v day and don't wear burkhas?? Arent' u being hypocritical by not trageting her also>??
Nisha Susan: We think Asiya Andrabi is terribly wrong! We should have targetted her also! we should have been better organised....... (she wont do this i challenge)

Zulu:What do you plan to do with the Pink Sarees? ....(as in response by Mr Mutalik to ur pink chaddi he will send saree all those womens)
Nisha Susan: If we get them we will wear them. We like sarees and we like pink.

ranjeeth:Most middle class women scoff at your idea of adopting underwear as a symbol of protest. Do you really think its a nice Idea? Dont you think it would only infuriate the right-leaning liberals and add strength to the arguments of the extreme right?

Nisha Susan: Go on the group and meet the thousands of middle-class women who thought it was funny and rude and sent their chaddis. Old ladies, middle-age ladies, mothers, grand mothers, housewives, professionals.

Even she dont care valentine,drunks day ......

shailendra:Hello Mam, Don't you think you are just over doing things here. Whole India condemned the act what Mutalik and there people did in Mangalore pub but i feel its really not the right kind of protest. First thing is that the logo used is generally used by Hindus at holy place and instead of Om sign you have kept a "Pink chaddi". Its not justified. Everyone want to stand with you and fight against such ill mannered attack but i am not sure
what kind of war this is ? Second thing now i am not able to figure out much differences in Mutalik and your movement. Sorry for that. Last thing- Don't you think that we are loosing our rich culture in an attempt to grab modernization. I want you to reply in a un-biased manner. The fight is really getting dirty now ?

Nisha Susan: I think what we are losing many things in the process of modernization. One is our sense of tolerance, our respect for diversity, our ability to seek out truth in our selves. I don't really care about valentine's day or pubs or drinking.

how the few youngsters has been brainwashed by her,she just useing them to have great publicity and want to become a star in media world just in one night..SHAMELESS

coolguy said...

We should enjoy life but in limits...think of ours parents and love one who cares us.. in other slogan is simple
.... Enjoy Life Dont Destroy it ! ....

lastly me first time talking about all this thing with any gal...sorry for any mistakes or rudeness..but i was not like that sure...
one more thing is that urs pic with sport watch on left hand side,,, well whatever u look really very pretty

coolguy said...

blog updated.. my blog..practiseing lets see

Quaint Murmur said...

I'd never heard of the Pink Condom Campaign, but honestly, that is ridiculous.

I'm positive it's been thought up by a group of young men who believe their wives/sisters/daughters should be sitting home cooking their food for them, and keeping house.

And coolguy, (sorry mystique, I can't help but comment);

People are forever using India's Great Culture as an excuse when they don't take to something.

What you need to do is
a) take into consideration what women in India have had to face over the years from society.
b) develop a sense of humour.
c) stop carping about this whole culture thing, and understand that it has nothing to do with modernisation or west-aping, but a strong need for some more tolerance, on every level, from every individual.

Oh and for the record, b is most important.