Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You know Mumbai's in trouble when....

Well, I could be wrong, of course.
And obviously I don't know the full story.
It started with Raj Thakeray's arrest. The backfiring of the whole Marathi Manoos thing.
We were talking about that in school....
Snoopy said it really wasn't fair that people came to the city from GodKnowsWhere and took all our jobs....
I took umbrage and said that if she was talking about Mumbai then she couldn't say that, because it's a multicultural city and almost always has been.
I told Dad about this later, and he said, you know what jobs the biharis and all do? They do the jobs that the Marathi Manoos is too proud to take.
We speak about the betterment of the Marathis, but in the end, we;re one country, we have constitutional freedom to move and work wherever we want within India. Does it matter where?
We know we're in trouble when Marathis act like total racist snobs refuse to even pay Bihari cab drivers their honest fares, and pass snide comments.
We're in trouble when Mumbaikars classify themselves into 'native' and 'outsider'.


Viper said...

how about simply saying that India is a secular country...and hence there should be no distinguishing...

what certain political parties are doing now is as bad as what the British did back in the 1800s...


In first place there are asses fighting against racism and colour distinction the English so proudly do...and now we have Indians themselves fighting against themselves over something as trivial a thing as "he-took-my-job"...


And i totally agree with you on the taxi driver thing...**

on the whole i find that most ppl from the north are quite humble and generous...

To disturb national peace and prosperity cuz they want votes...DISGUSTING!!!

i think that these political party dudes must have got seriously less attention in their childhood and so now want attention from someone *deprived nerds*

Talking about Mumbai...that smoking ban is one hell of a joke!

Espèra said...

Despite India being secular and non-discriminatory, it might just be the most discriminatory country in the world.

What does it not discriminate about?
Colour? Indians are genetically dark. They aren't Nordic Aryans. Even among Indians, you have really dark guys. So why the looking down upon Africans?
Caste? I believe India is the ONLY country which differentiates between people of different castes.
Religion? Someone tell the damned Parsis that any more intra-marrying and their next generation might just have 11 toes and two heads. And I won't even mention the other pseudo-religious issues.
Region? You gave us an example. But that isn't the only one. Every community has misconceptions, bordering on stereotypical about EVERY other community.

Problem is, Marathis are jealous of Biharis because as we all know, only the deserving get the jobs. If the Marathis were better than the Biharis, they would have been the ones with those jobs.

They forget they are Indians.
Someone shake up India and remind the people that they are supposed to be Indians. They haven't reached the maturity levels to consider every human equal. And I mean ACROSS borders.

The Snitch said...

They say that Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and they themselves say that anyone can come here with a few rupees, luck and make a fortune here. When you are projecting a city like that, you can't do shit like Raj Thackery just did. Either you don't promote a city like that and if you're doing so, then don't stop people from coming in. If all the Bihari's and Punjabi's and Gujarati's leave Mumbai, nothing will be left. No Bachchan, No SRK, No Ambani even. What will you do then?

It's a secular country like viper said and everyone has a right to move around and seek jobs. You don't get jobs by the virtue of being born there. That would be just like reservation in education. Quite frankly, you can't just go around reserving everything. A man learns when he visits new places and by doing this, you're closing all opportunities for him and forcing him to stick at his place which is completely unfair.

And it's not just Mumbai that has a lot of foreign population. Even Punjab does. Every god damn prosperous city does. If we keep driving people out like this, nothing will be left. Already we're not a very united people and terrorists are working hard to kill the little unity that remains. If stuff like this keeps happening, then you might just make separate countries out of India. It's no logic calling yourself something you're not.

Quicksilver said...

everybody -

dude(s), calm down now, don't bracket all the marathis as being opposed to the north Indians taking employment
in Maharashtra. Its just a sick ploy by Raj Thackerey and some of his MNS sycophants to gain Marathi support before the elections..

taurius1 said...

What your dad said is perfectly true. My dad is all about being for the "marathi manoos" revolution that the MNS is trying to start. When talkin to him about it, I pointd out exactly the same thing. The migrant "bhaiyya" that arrives int he city is ready to do whatever job falls his way. He didn't have an argument for that. :)

On the other hand, there's the thing with the jobs... There IS infact, a problem with the jobs, coz contrary to what it may seem, it's not always based on merit. A lot goes on under the desk to ensure a certain someone's guaranteed a place somwhere in the city.

It's an endless circle. It's only going to break when someone stand out.

Mystique said...

2 everyone: i wish i could be this articulate when i actually write my posts.

i read something in HT recently, the author doesn't even believe in the word 'mumbaikar' because it shows exclusivity. in the end, we're all indians. period.

2 espera: why, in this modern time does the caste system, that relic of the ancient age, still niggle the back of India's mind? And that's just in cities, in rural areas, it's still pretty bad, innit?

2 taurius: if jobs WERE based solely on merit.........if the world was fuckin HONEST....
it would be utopia. can't have everything, can we?

Espèra said...

"in the end, we're all indians. period."

In the end, we're all humans.
To be totally true.

(See, that's what I meant by "across borders". I was talking about international borders)

sk8pro said...

must agree wid u....but mumbai is definetly a multiculture place...thr r no such locals people from evrywhr tht make mumbai what it is>>>>>>>>

Stupidosaur said...

Yeah! Koni Rajchya dokyat akkal Tackrey!