Monday, 10 November 2008

Kyunki kabhi kabhi TV serials khatam honi chahiye

OR, Kyunki it's over.

Yes, it's over.
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, the longest running Indian TV show, is, as of today, terminated.
Ekta Kapoor has fought hard, but even the court seemed to think 8 years was too much for Indian audiences.
My reaction? I cry. With sheer relief.
Not that i watched it, but for god's sake, 8 years! In 8 years, characters have lived and died and been reincarnated using plastic surgery. Ugh. For 8 years, Indian audiences have suffered. This is their salvation.
But for those who actually LIKED the show, now there's a void. No more KSBKBT. Whatever shall we do? No more Tulsi, no more.....i don't know any other characters. No more glorious joint family story to take us away from the world.Now we have to go worry about our own problems.
We see now, all over India, the stress of PKSS (post kyunki stress syndrome). It seems to primarily affect housewives and other women.
SYmptoms include sobbing, staring blankly at the TV, and remniscing about kyunki. some may believe that the characters actually exist.
Last year, FRIENDS was terminated. The whole world cried at the thought of no more Ross-rachel fights, no more Joey and Phoebe, no more Mondler. Can we make a comparison here?
Absolutely not, because Friends was actually Bloody Good!
So what do the victims of PKSS (post Kunki stress syndrome) do?
They mourn for a while, and would have switched over to Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. But that's packed up too.

PS: I'm NOT comparing Friends with saas bahu shit.


Espèra said...

Or Full House.
That was damn awesome too.


The Snitch said...

Nah, they shall not switch to Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. Because that's packed up too. :P

Bluebutterfly said...

So, restrict the joy for a moment, it "might" shift to another channel and continue.
So its just like a break to revive some dead characters or think up of sick mind games.

Janani said...

y insult friends by comparing it wid dis trash???(ps- apologies 2 those hu actually liked the serial.....)

Viper said...

ooo! you forgot to mention along with plastic surgery that the also tend to forget their memories and somehow by countless miracles get them back...

Jagjit said...

Symptoms include sobbing, staring blankly at the TV!!! hehe. nice funny post!

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Scribblers Inc said...

wait...I was supposed to be the kid..wasnt I?

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-as to saas bahu, I had expected it to last atleast till apocalypse if not the final sunburst...apparently I was wrong. And it seems your blog is receiving endorsement deals!! :D

Sayani said...

lol!!! thats definite dear ....i think 8 yrs a too lot a time for a serial

take care

Meghna said...

I hated these serials...I wish them all off air :)

The Keeper of the Keys said...

I agree with espera, Full House was great, too.
Frankly, I can't imagine how these saas-bahu serial make people cry. I'm always laughing my head off, they're so over-dramatized.

Anuj said...

Talk about jumping the shark. How can anyone like them?

Those gaudy, sound effects, that non existent plot and all of those crocodile tears. Deus. Don't they have an iota of the quantity called taste?

PS: Try this show out.

lemonade said...

thank god your not comparing the two!

Mystique said...

2 espera: yeaaaah......

2 snitch: yeah i edited that.

2 bluebutterfly: no, they have PACKED up for sure. due to viewer fatigue.

2 viper: ah the drama~!!

2 jagjit: thanks.

2 scribbler: yeah, i kinda saw you as the kid.

2 sayani: VIEWER FATIGUE. that's why they had to pack up.

2 meghna: yess....

2 tkotk: yeaaaaaaaah.....something dramatic happens, and then the camera zoomsin from a thousand and one different so so funny....

2 anuj: creepy theme song man....

2 lemonade: they asre beyond compare!

Bluebutterfly said...

Hun, I sincerely hope they pack up all of them.
so anyways I chnaged my url to-

sm said...


its good it finished i thought it wont never finish we can see baa running smiling at the age 5000 years old

see you later

Viper said...

its more of melo-drama if you ask me...not JUST drama

with all that music they play in the background when the vamp comes in and stuff...

burns my brains to a cinder >_<
irritating noises...

have you noticed that all charecters, irrespective of what they are wearing - (be it heavy jewellery, sari, whatever freaking clothes) THEY ALWAYS END UP SLEEPING WEARING THEM!!!

i mean, WHO sleeps without removing their makeup or jewellery or changing their clothes into something light?!

Mystique said...

2 butterfly: yeah i'll drop by....

2 sm: she does look close to 5000 already, yknow?

2 viper: OMG so so so true@!!!

Stupidosaur said...

Good Riddance to Ick-ta Kappor!