Monday, 21 July 2008

He speaks!!

He would be our principal. Who has a penchant for giving speeches of epic proportions.
Today we started school. Today the new building opened. And today I sang a lot.

So yeah, we had an assembly in the new-big-beautiful hall....and we knew we were doomed when the princi came up to the lectern, with no respect whatsoever, the 1000-odd kids there groaned audibly.
And with good reason.
I'm suppose the guy gives inspiring speeches. I don't know for sure, because I've never heard them. The problem, you see is that he's not inspiring enough, to inspire us to actually listen to his speeches.
So today's was, I think, something about our school's spectacular board results, and an ex-ISM girl who got a Fullbright scholarship to Harvard business school, etc, etc, etc, How we must all work very hard etc etc etc, and the rest was just sound on my eardrums. No registering.
He droned on and on, with no track of time....Time came back, when suddenly the bell rang. The bell that signaled the end of first period. Which, btw, is SUPPOSED to be AFTER assembly. Yeah, the bell rang, during his discourse.
And he still didn't stop.
That takes the cake and the ice-cream and the after-dinner-mint.

I hate obvious questions.And statements. Questions like....."Oh my God your hair's red!!"
or "whoa, you coloured your hair?!?"
Yeah, no, it coloured it self. whaddya expect? Or, no, the stylist did it. I don't do my own hair.
And yes, I have braces. Those aren't blue food particles on my teeth that you see.


ABHISHEK said...
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Anindita said...

Post a picture of the brand new you! :)

The Snitch said...

Well, maybe your Princi is better than ours. Ours goes on repeating the same speech and the same story over and over every year. And he retired when we left the school, that is this year. It sucks that we had to listen to the same speech over and over again and now the juniors would get to hear a new speech. I know speeches are boring but I seriously wouldn't mind a new one for a change.

You have red hair! Nice. I like red.

Impressionist said...

thank god my princi never used to give speeches at all! :D


Mystique said...

2 anandita : yeah yeah

2 snitch: LOL. and the red hair, it;s just three streaks.

2 impressionist: lucky!!!