Thursday, 29 May 2008

Mystique is leaving the building.......expected back on the 13th.

Si, it's true, I'm off. My flight to Delhi leaves tonight. At 11. Funnily enough, check-in's at 3.30. So I'm wildly multitasking, whirlwinding around the house trying to pack......Maheen's not helping, she's scared, she keeps going and sitting in the bag, idiotta.....
I actually wanted to do this post in the evening, but I dunno if I'll have time.
Anyway, Snoopy called, frantic, about Gujjar riots in Delhi "In the end, our saftey is most important" she wailed....
Silly girl managed to freak me out a bit, so I log into NDTV and watch a few clips. Mom seems most indifferent, so I stop worrying. It ain't gonna help anyway.
Whirlwinds in the house, the cats and me running from room to room....

I had a near perfect evening yesterday, back on the beach with the friend. Sat, like last time, mocha, like last time. On the way back across the beach from Starbucks, the sky was purple, the horizon was pink because of the streetlights in the distance, and the stars were out.He showed me Gemini and Ursa major. And it was just perfect. Really.

Hmm, Hmm, whirlwind of thoughts, I always get this way before a vacation...super-excited and hyper as hell.....and I'm just really happy-happy.

After the beach, I went off to Pizza Hut. Not with him, with the gang from class. Snoopy, Sneh, Anki...etc etc....I was late for the party I was supposed to be giving....haha...and I was VERY hyper. Seriously. Yesterday was THE best day.

And now, it's today and I'm hyper, don't know where to stop. So I leave, with this....a short-story thingy I wrote last month but didn't feel like putting up..
PS, I'll be back on the 13th, hopefully with a new segment titled 'Manali Diaries'. Wish me luck....

He opened the door and there she was, beautiful as always.
"Come on in," he says.
She smiles and makes her way straight to the kitchen. It's become a ritual. She'll grace his kitchen before she turns to look at him.
He sighs, looks around the room.
"I need the ambience....." he mutters, "Candles, candles.....where'd I keep the candles...."

She enters the room, armed with a bottle of wine, his best crystal goblets, to see him lighting the last flame.
He looks at her, she's an old friend, she's been here so many times, but tonight's special, it's the first time she's agreed to do this for him.........she hopes it'll be worth it.
She? she'd do anything, if only to be his spark....she's wanted this too........longer than he has....
"Shall I go prepare myself?"

Like all women since time began, it seems like an eternity before she returns. He's finished more than half the bottle by the time she enters, his eyes rise to meet her and he almost chokes on the wine.
"What?" She looks down, inspecting her red silk negligee. Sensuous without being tarty. She'd bought it specially for tonight. "You don't like it?"

"Well....this would work better if you were naked, I think."

Among muttered curses, she pulls the garment over her head and throws it in his face."Better?" she arranges herself on his couch, her white skin a stunning negative of the black leather.He sits opposite her. "Hey.....anyone ever tell you you're beautiful?"

"You never did...thanks."
"No....thank you."

And he picks up his brush, turns to the easel and starts to paint.


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

beautiful! :)

Janani said...

u were pretty late ma 4 party once again....n lovely story btw...eagerly awaiting manali diaries....ciao

Anki said...

ahhhhhhhhhh delhi!!!
have a nice one

Mystique said...

2 mon: merci

2 jan: not very late ok? and i had my reasons.

2 anki: hola again. manali's where the fun starts